Let’s say you just had a first date with a woman you were interested in. In a previous blog post, I mentioned that it’s a good idea to book the second date before the first one ends. That will tell her that you’re interested and want to see her again. But how do you know if she’s interested, so the sting of rejection is minimized? 

The short answer is that you can’t definitively tell if someone will say yes to going on a second date with you. You just have to take the leap and ask her out. If she says no thank you then at least you know that this isn’t a match. 

However, I can give you a list of body language signs to look out for on your date that may help you figure out if she is into you. Keep in mind that there is always an exception to the rule and this list isn’t set in stone but there are a few signs that women do to show you they’re interested. 

  • She’ll be facing you and listening- If a woman is interested in you she will be facing you directly (without her arms crossed) and taking in the words you’re saying. If she seems bored or she’s only nodding her head then it might be a sign that this conversation isn’t interesting to her. 
  • She’ll find a reason to touch you or lean closer- she may reach across the table to touch your arm, brush her hand across your hand, or her leg may be touching yours. No matter how that contact is initiated it’s a good thing, she would like to be closer to you.  
  • She’ll be fidgeting/playing with her hair- either of these could be signs that she is nervous and/or trying to make herself more appealing to you.
  • She is genuinely smiling and laughing at your jokes- You can tell when someone really smiles at you. It’s an uncontrollable grin that stretched across their faces. This is an indicator that she likes what you have to say and is happy to be there with you. 
  • She is giving you eye contact- This one can go either way, she may be looking directly at you or she’ll be looking at you and looking away…often. Some people are not great at eye contact for long periods of time so as long as she is doing one of these that is good. 
  • She is mirroring you- This goes for anyone, not just women, but if someone is doing the same actions as you then this is a clear sign that they are engaged in the conversation and with you. Some examples of this would be if you pick up your glass and she picks up her glass or if you touch your face and then she touches her face, etc.    

These are just a few signs you can watch out for. It will give you a better sense of whether someone is enjoying your company or not. Sometimes you just have a great connection and it is something that you feel. Don’t be afraid to ask for that second date if that is what you want. Rejection is a part of dating, it isn’t fun but it brings you closer to finding that person that is right for you. 

The best advice I can give you is to be yourself, be confident, and have fun. If you would like more coaching or need a confidence boost I am at your service. CLICK HERE and book a consultation with me. 
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6 Ways to Tell That She Likes You

December 14, 2022