Personalized one-on-one dating and image consulting for the modern man. 

Discreet dating advice, designed for you.

So, you don’t want to be alone…

And you’re Googling “how to ask a woman on a date” and “how to know if she likes me back” and “how to find the right partner.” 
And now you feel like deleting your search history.

Or maybe you went on a first date last night, after finally working up the courage to ask her out. You thought she’d had a great time, but she just texted saying she doesn’t see you as “a love connection.” 

Or maybe you have an important dinner coming up with a girl you’re really into, and want to impress her with a kickass outfit… until you realize nothing in your closet is good enough. 

Here’s how I can help…

what you’ll gain:


A complete understanding of a woman’s point of view, making flirting, dating, and communicating easier. 


Increased levels of confidence in all areas of your life—not just relative to dating or your personal image.


Verbal and non-verbal communication skills, so you’re never confused about how to interpret a woman.

Let’s work together

What’s included

Biweekly 60-minute coaching calls per month to discuss whatever you need assistance with—flirting, communication skills, non-verbal cues, anything. 

Complete wardrobe makeover, starting with a closet audit and an analysis of the right colors for you, and ending with a personal shopping trip to set you and your image up for success.

Dating app revamp, to ensure your profile attracts the right women, shows off your best qualities, and earns you well-deserved right-swipes. 

 Mock dates with me, where you’ll put everything you’ve learned from me into practice as we go out on a “date.” I’ll evaluate your performance on every part, from outfit choice and proper dining etiquette.

Unlimited privileged contact to discuss your dating progress, answer your questions, & offer situation-based advice and recommendations.

Starting at $10k/mo, with a minimum time commitment of 3 months. Inquire now for your custom proposal. 

Getting started

Here’s How It Begins


step 01


Once you apply here, we’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your current situation, your goals, and the details of your ideal partnership with a dating and image consultant.

step 02


Upon signature of your contract and completion of your initial invoice, we’ll kick things off with a welcome guide, a personalized questionnaire, and our first consulting call. 

step 03


Then, it’s time to get started—I’ll build a customized curriculum for you, and we’ll dive into the work we need to do to get you (and your love life) where you want to be. 


client testimonials

“I was hesitant to hire anyone to help me with my dating skills, but finally decided I needed someone to help me find the proper woman

I wasn’t successful on my own. Celeste was well worth the time and investment. Not only have I elevated my dating game, but I am truly confident in finding love!”

- m.s.

How do you know if you need a Dating and Image Consultant?

If you see yourself on this list—you have your answer.

The divorcee who finally feels ready to get back into dating, but doesn’t know where to start. 

The businessman who knows how to work a boardroom, but—though he may not want to admit it—could use a few pointers on how to work the bedroom. 

The “I’ve got no clue what to wear on a date” guy.

The shy man who doesn’t quite know how to get started with dating—from figuring out how to gauge a woman’s interest, to the best way to ask them out (and actually get a “yes!”).

The one-date wonder who can’t seem to secure a second date, and doesn’t know why. 

The executive with an impressive amount of skills… in everything but dating. 

The “I don’t know how to talk to women” guy.

And the “I think I’m too old for this, but I still want to try” guy. 

The medical professional who spent his entire 20s, 30s, and 40s, focused on med school, residency, fellowships, and career… without stopping to consider how he’d feel about dating in midlife. 

The man that forgot how to date his wife, and wants to fix that before it’s too late. 

And, most importantly, the type of man who is serious about improving his love life or image. I don’t work with just anyone. 

apply now


It’s time to not only get your sexy back—but also the confidence that comes with it, so you can finally pursue your dreams.

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