Relationships get boring. Life happens, careers take over, kids come into the picture, and sometimes we get lazy. There are a million different reasons why you and your partner aren’t having sex or you don’t have that connection you once did. If you notice this happening then I have a list of ways you can spice up your sex life and renew that passion. Save this post and keep it as a reference. 

Focus on her

Women can get lost in their heads as they have a never-ending task list running through their minds. Pull her out of that by taking care of the day-to-day and putting her into another place mentally. Tell her to go sit down, give her a glass of wine and you watch the kids and take over the household responsibilities for the day. Let her engage in her pleasure centre and let her unwind. She’ll then remember the importance of taking time for herself and taking time for you. 

Do something physical

Get those endorphins flowing and do something physical. This could be a fun day date activity (check out a list of ideas HERE) or going to a gym class together. Get moving and have fun together.  

Enjoy an afternoon delight

Sex after meals or sex late at night isn’t always the best. For one, you can feel bloated after you eat and not in the mood. And two, after a busy day of work or taking care of the family, you both may be exhausted. Catch her off guard and take her to the bedroom in the middle of the day. It might even be a good idea to have some new sex positions in mind and spice up that time even more.  

Be vocal and touch her

If you want her to feel good about herself then tell her how sexy she is. Tell her what you want to do to her inside (or outside) of the bedroom. Tell her something that turns you on. Teasing each other helps keep the romance alive. Even if you are at work you can sext her with flirty messages. If you home then give her subtle touches on her neck and waist. She will be thinking about what you said or how you touched her for the rest of the day.    

Be spontaneous

A woman loves it when a man plans out a date from beginning to end. She doesn’t want to have to do anything but show up and enjoy your company. Calling her up in the middle of the day and telling her to be ready for a date at 7 pm is sexy. You can keep things fresh by always planning something different. Take her to a sex show when you are feeling naughty, trying new things neither of you has done before, go to a hotel and hang the do not disturb sign on the door, be romantic and take her to see the sunset. You want to keep things exciting. 

Give each other massages

The build-up for a woman is important. She can’t go from zero to wet in ten seconds. She needs to feel in the mood so giving a sensual massage before having sex will make the experience so much better for her- which is better for you. Get some massage oils and have a night of pleasure and relaxation. 

Introduce toys into the bedroom

Do some research and find some new toys you both can enjoy. Look at them together at a sex shop or go online and have fun thinking of all the new things you can try together. Experimenting with new toys is a fun way of reconnecting. 

The bottom line is to make sure you are still putting in the effort you did when you were dating. Your priorities may have shifted a little but you have to make time for each other. As a dating coach and image consultant, I also work with married couples or people in relationships to help keep the relationship fresh. If want to learn more about how I can help you, contact me HERE.


How to Revive the Sex in Your Relationship

August 22, 2023