I am sure you know what you are doing in the bedroom. I am sure you have ways of making her feel AMAZING behind closed doors. But it’s no secret that women can fake their orgasms. Women tend to do this so the man doesn’t feel bad or maybe she just wasn’t in the mood initially so she wasn’t able to reach the big “O.” Do you want her to fake it though? Wouldn’t you rather know that what you do turns her on? I am going to outline how you can turn her on and make her weak in the knees for the rest of the evening BEFORE you reach the bedroom. 

Women Need Intimacy

For men, sex is mainly having some foreplay and then intercourse, they don’t need much more than that for them to orgasm. A woman needs a consistent build-up of intimacy for her to be ready to have sex. She needs to feel desired and safe otherwise all your hard work in the bedroom may be for nothing. 

How do you do this? With soft touches and small gestures. Walk up behind her and kiss the back of her neck. Buy her a small gift. Ask her how her day was and just listen. Compliment her. All of these acts combined will have her swooning and feeling like she matters to you. 

Ask Her What She Likes

Don’t be scared to ask her what she likes and doesn’t like in the bedroom. Just talking about sex can have a positive effect but asking her what her fantasies are, without judgment, will bring it to the next level. Doing a little research will also help. If she would like to you be more dominant then figure out what she means but that and do a quick Google search to find out more. She will “appreciate” your interest in her interests.  

Know Her Body

Find out how her body reacts when you touch her or kiss her. When you kiss her neck does she get a cold shiver? When you stare are her from across the room does she blush? When you stare into her eyes do her lips part? These are all positive indicators that she likes you or likes how you make her feel. Watch how she reacts and learn what sets her on fire.           

Being Responsible

I know this isn’t remotely sexy but hear me out. This tip is mostly for those who are in a relationship but is also something to keep in mind if you are still dating. Being a responsible man who can take care of himself is undeniably sexy to women. If you can do your own laundry from start to finish, cook a meal that isn’t from the frozen aisle, and keep your home clean she will think she has won the jackpot.

This is just a short list to get you started. There are many other ways to turn her on and many other ways to make sure she has an “O” every time. Don’t be afraid to read a romance novel or two, they can give you a peek into her innermost desires. The most important thing to remember is don’t get sloppy or think that you have to stop trying after you have already been dating for a while. Intimacy is key to sex and relationships.

If you want to know if you should hire a dating coaching or image consultant then check out my blog post from last week, it’ll give you all the details.


How to Ensure That She Is Turned On Before Going to the Bedroom

April 4, 2023