A DATING COACH OR IMAGE CONSULTANT? Who uses a dating coach? What is an image consultant? What is there to learn? Why can’t I just ask someone out on a date? What would a dating coach do? What is the point of hiring someone to help me find a date? The list goes on and on…All these questions could go through your mind when you hear about what I do for a living. Let me give you more insight into who I can help and if that someone is you…

Disclaimer: A dating coach and image consultant, for men, isn’t for every man out there. There is no hard and fast rule to tell you that you may need extra support in the dating game. I will outline five types of men that may seek out my services. 

First, you may be wanting to find love again. You could be a divorced dad in his 50s looking to reignite his passion and find a partner to enjoy life with. You could be a man who has never been married but just got out of a long-term relationship in his 40s. You could be a widower who hasn’t dated in decades but is now ready to travel the world with a new love. This man has been out of the dating game for a long time and may want to ask questions and be prepared for what he is walking into. We love a man who does his research.  

Second, you may have little to no experience dating. You are the man who hasn’t had much interest in dating in your life. You are determined and have been working towards building your career for over 20 years. Speaking with me first would be a good place to start since I can give you all the tips you need to figure out the inner workings of a female mind. 

Third, you may need a confidence boost. You are just shy or inverted. Having someone cheer you on from the sidelines will give you the support you need to approach the ladies. Especially if you think they are out of your league. Did you catch the sports reference guys? I planted that just for you. 

Fourth, you want to work on yourself. Kudos to you if you are him. You are the man who recognizes weaknesses and is not scared to work on them. Personal growth, and emotional stability, say no more. Don’t ever shy away from being this MVP, the ladies love it.  

Fifth, you need a new style. If you want to refine your personal style and stand out amongst the crowd then I am the women to help you do that. Men, I love to shop and I can give you so many options. I would love to audit your closet and bring in some key pieces that will make you feel like a million bucks. 

You could be a combination of these men or none of these men. If you feel like you need support in the dating arena then fill out this form, and we can have a one-on-one chat for free. I have made it my mission to help men understand women and find the one they are looking for. I cannot wait to meet you.


5 Guys That Need a Dating Coach and Image Consultant

March 22, 2023