This post is mainly for men who have been married before. You have already been in a long-term relationship and/or have been married at least once. No judgment here if it’s more than that. You have been out of the dating game for a while now and are ready to find that woman you desire. Here are 5 signs you are ready to date again.    

You’re not bitter about an ex

Sometimes it’s hard to move on from an ex, especially if they were in your life for a significant amount of time. Here are some things that you should NOT be doing if you are over your ex. Thinking about them often, stalking their social media profile, and bringing their names up in conversations. It isn’t fair to date anyone else until your mind is clear and you are open to new relationships.

You are lonely

You miss that connection or daily interaction with a partner. It’s nice to have someone in your life that you can rely on or do fun things with. Naughty or otherwise. Enjoying your own company is great but you reach a point where you find yourself wanting more. This is a clear sign to put yourself out there.  

Dating sounds exciting

If you find yourself thinking that you would like to meet some new people or the thought of bumping into Mrs. Right would be exciting then it’s time to make that leap. If you haven’t dated in a while the first thing you may be thinking is that “This is terrifying.” This fear is normal…do not read into this or take it as a sign, not to date. Instead, think about the possibility of things working out with a cool, fun partner. Did it make you smile? Listen to your gut, you’ll know when you’re ready. 

Your career is no longer fulfilling 

You may have exceeded all of your expectations and or have climbed the corporate ranks or maybe you have built your own empire. Building a career is time-consuming so you may not have wanted to drag a relationship through that. But now, you reached a level in your career and can finally take a breath. Do you feel like something is missing? If so, it’s time to start thinking about what you want in a wife. You now have the time to dedicate to a marriage.      

You are self-aware 

If you have worked on yourself in any capacity you are already winning at life. Life is about growth and you are embracing that my friend. Maybe you experienced trauma as a kid or maybe your previous marriage took a toll on you. No matter the reason, if you acknowledge that you should work on improving yourself you are ready to date. Your self-awareness will help you be better at communication and compromise, which are key to a lasting relationship.  

Relationships are hard and they take time and dedication. Only you will know when you are ready to jump back into the dating world. Don’t worry about how and when, just take it one step at a time. Try talking to women at the gym, ask a friend to set you up, or be adventurous and download a dating app. If want to learn more about the online dating world then check out this blog.


Dating Again: How to Know When You Are Ready to Find That Lucky Lady

May 2, 2023