Have you ever asked yourself if you are dateable? This question is a bit of a theme during my conversation with Matt LeBris this week. After some heartbreak and many awakenings, Matt is doing the work and facing inward to attract the partner of his dreams.  

Hard work and determination have always been a part of Matt’s personality but recently they have become themes in his love life and I am so proud! 

I highly recommend this episode to anyone feeling stuck and looking for a bit of inspo in the love department! 

In this week’s episode, we discuss:

[01:30] About Matt LeBris 

[03:33] What created Matt’s determination? 

[05:47] How Matt started working with Daymond John from Shark Tank

[12:25] Matt’s career after working with Daymond 

[13:50] The creation story of his podcast Decoding Success 

[16:28] What Matt means when he says his dating and love life change when he turns inward

[30:55] Dating obstacles Matt has had since his last relationship

[36:48] How Matt trusts divine timing in his life 

[42:30] Items on Matt’s list for his next partner 

[47:19] Matt’s favorite date 

About Matt LeBris 

Matt LeBris is a born and raised New Yorker who inevitably caught the hustlers spirit that fills his hometown streets. A Forbes 30 Under 30 nominee, Matt has previously worked with Daymond John of Shark Tank and currently hosts a top 1% globally ranked podcast, Decoding Success, which features the likes of Mel Robbins, Grant Cardone, and many more. The mission Matt has set out on is to positively impact one life daily.

What created Matt’s determination? 

When Matt was younger, he and his friend found many ways to be entrepreneurial and that sparked some determination. Also, he believes that he was deeply influenced by the people around him with the hustle mentality and that inspired him in different ways. 

How Matt started working with Daymond John from Shark Tank

After years of trials and tribulations that could have broken him, Matt had an awakening moment that got him back into college and taking on numerous student leadership roles. From there, he found himself in a unique place to meet Daymond John when he visited the campus for a book tour. Matt used this opportunity to its max and made friends with Daymond. Then, months later he was interning with him and eventually working for him.  

Being close in proximity to someone with that much money and connections radically changed Matt’s life for the better. Matt was in his mid twenties when he worked for Daymond. 

Matt’s career after working with Daymond 

Matt states honestly that he left working with Daymond prematurely due to his core wound of feeling neglected and did not have a plan other than a couple speaking engagements. He was nudged over and over again by an intern to start a podcast and finally had the time to pursue it when he quit his job. 

The creation story of his podcast Decoding Success 

He primarily launched it by himself but Matt has always connected with people a bit older than him and his podcast is with his friends in a roundtable fashion. They just chat and have an intention of being vulnerable without it being something to be rewarded for. 

What Matt means when he says his dating and love life change when he turns inward

During the pandemic, Matt was dating a great woman that replicated the way he was loved by his mother which included rejection and neglect. He started to experience quite a bit of anxiety in his relationship and felt really confused about where it was coming from so he went to therapy. Through this courageous act he learned so much about himself, and realized that when we turn inward we start to find alignment and make healthier choices in relationships and love. 

Matt is still single but starting to date now and is still very much in the work of solidifying who he wants to be as a man before dating someone. He knows that he can’t be perfect but he wants to be dateable and he doesn’t want to go into a relationship and hurt someone because he’s not ready. 

Dating obstacles Matt has had since his last relationship

He felt very comfortable dating again but ego was still heavily in the driver’s seat. He has learned through some experience that he needs to share his vulnerability on an appropriate timeline and that it can be tricky for him. 

He also sees his friends playing a lot of games in the early stages of dating and he has decided that it’s not for him. He wants to be more from his heart and text back if he wants, not wait to make some sort of point. 

How Matt trusts divine timing in his life 

He has to practice his belief and trust in that because he has been going to a lot of parties and weddings where there are mostly couples. He chooses to see that his divine partnership is coming to him rather than him forcing everything. He wants to attract something into his life that is right for him rather than being in a partnership just for the sake of it. 

Items on Matt’s list for his next partner 

He wants undeniable beauty from head to toe and he was a little worried about Celeste’s response but she actually told him to even get more specific on that and really make it clear what that means to him. He also wants someone who is kind to him because in his last relationship there were a lot of harmful and hurtful things said. 

Further, he wants to be with someone who makes him feel loved and where he is not initiating the emotional and physical relationship only. 

Matt’s favorite date 

He met this woman at one of his favorite bars in Williamsburg, New York where he had let the staff know ahead of time that he was bringing her. The bartender completely set her up with a flight of wine to try and she was treated like a queen. They had so much fun and ended up bowling at 1am and staying up until 3am. 

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Turning Inward to Become a Better Man with Matt LeBris

July 31, 2023