Welcome to episode 12 of The Down and Dirty Podcast! After traveling for 5 straight weeks, I wanted to bring you everything I know (and what I’ve recently learned) about travel etiquette.

Why is travel etiquette so important? Aside from simply being a considerate person, the answer is, you never know who you’re going to meet. And when you could meet the love of your life, or next business partner, at any moment, it’s crucial you’re prepared. Join me on today’s episode for an overview of basic travel etiquette on planes, trains, and automobiles.

This episode, we discuss:

[7:13] What traveling etiquette means and why it’s important

You’ve probably heard of dining or dating etiquette, but there’s actually etiquette for every arena of life. It’s important to be aware of travel etiquette because it shows that you respect yourself and others. Travel etiquette includes hygiene, preparedness, manners, and patience. Traveling requires you to be patient, especially in today’s world. COVID happened and life completely changed as we know it. Aside from the general maintenance issues, or people being out for illness, sometimes there just aren’t enough workers which can cause numerous cancellations or delays with travel. Our modes of transportation are just not as stable as they have been in the past, so it’s best to be prepared.

[10:34] How to make air travel as easy as possible

From my own experiences and professional background, I have put together my top tips for making air travel, especially long or overnight flights, as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

My first two tips are to make sure that your passport is current and to be prepared by signing up for TSA Pre-check, or global entry. This will help you start your travels out on the right foot. You’ll also want to keep all your travel information somewhere safe and easily accessible. I use an app called TripIt, which allows me to have all my travel information in one place: flights, hotel and restaurant reservations, museum or concert tickets, chauffeur information, and more.

For the flight itself, pack a pair of fully charged noise cancellation headphones, and be sure to have the right chargers and converters you need to continue to charge your electronics as you travel. If it’s a long or overnight flight, pack an extra t-shirt, a clean pair of underwear and socks, and an extra pair of pants or shorts that are lightweight for travel. You may even want to pack sandals to change out of your sneakers. Make sure everything is clean and in a really nice, presentable duffel, like a Louis Vuitton bag. You want to look clean, comfortable, and sleek.

Speaking of being presentable, you’ll want to have a well stocked toiletry bag: toothbrush, floss, deodorant, sanitizer, and breath mints. If you wear contacts, add another pair to your bag in case the ones you’re wearing dry out. Based on my experience, they will!

Be kind to your flight crew and listen to them. No one likes an asshole – it’s not a good look. This includes being considerate of others when it comes to aisle and overhead bin space. In general, just be a decent human being. Don’t talk too loudly around others who may be trying to sleep or relax, and be careful not to drink too much. Be a gentleman and help when you can – the ladies will eat it up.

Last but not least, make sure you have eaten. If there are any unexpected delays, you don’t want to become hangry.

[14:39] Being prepared for long or overnight flights

If you’re taking a long or overnight flight, you’ll want to pack a few extra items to be comfortable and stay clean. My philosophy about life in general is that you never know who you’re going to meet, so this is an extra important step in my mind. Pack an extra t-shirt, a clean pair of underwear and socks, and an extra pair of pants or shorts that are lightweight for travel. You may even want to pack sandals to change out of your sneakers, or vice versa depending on your destination. Above all, make sure everything is clean and in a really nice, presentable duffel, like a Louis Vuitton bag. Consider clothes that are wrinkle resistant. You want to look clean, comfortable, and sleek. I know traveling can be rough, but it is possible to still look presentable.

[19:01] An overview of automobile, train, and boat etiquette

Automobile etiquette is pretty cut and dry. Be mindful of your audio options: You can create a fun playlist that everyone wants to listen to, or offer to take turns listening to different genres. Bring lots of fun snacks, candy, and non-alcoholic drinks. You can offer to switch with a driver and share the trip responsibilities or offer to help pay for gas. Being considerate of others in such a small space is a great way to have fun when you can’t really go anywhere for a while. Be present and open to good conversation.

For train etiquette, your primary concern is to have your ticket available for the conductor, you don’t know when they’re coming around. Be patient and be sure you get off at the right stop. This might mean paying extra attention if you’re traveling in a new area or foreign country.

The number one thing I know about boat etiquette, it’s really a requirement on all boats or yachts, is to take off your shoes before entering. This practice helps save the wood to preserve the boats. Since you’re taking your shoes off, be aware of what’s underneath. If you’re wearing socks, make sure they’re clean, without holes. If you have no socks, come prepared having had a pedicure. If you need any type of anti-nausea medications, make sure you bring them with you. There’s no guarantee someone else on the boat will have something to help. It’s always a good call to bring a change of clothes just in case you get wet, or if you have a suit on and you want to be dry when you get back. Lastly, sit back and enjoy yourself!

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Traveling Etiquette 101

August 8, 2022