Has a sexual mishap happened to you? In this episode, I am sharing 10 lighter sexual mishaps to show you that sex happens, life happens, and sometimes we just need to laugh it off! If you’ve ever said the wrong name during sex, tried to explore something new sexually and it wasn’t what you thought, or were interrupted during sex – you’re going to relate to these mishaps. 

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In this week’s episode we discuss:

[02:20] What is the most common sexual mishap?

[03:26] Sex injuries in certain positions

[04:27] The funniest interruption during sex

[05:29] Saying the wrong name during sex

[06:21] Condom mishaps

[07:26] Mood killer during sex

[07:59] Losing something vaginally

[09:04] Sex myth

[09:48] Sex experiment gone wrong

[10:36] Laugh induced sex mishap

What is the most common sexual mishap?

The most common sexual mishap is bodily function. No one wants to talk about farting, squirting, or when anal gets messy because it is embarassing. But I want to emind you that this is all part of being human. There are probably things that you do not want your sexual partner to hear or smell but things happen so do not let it ruin the moment. 

Sex injuries in certain positions

One of my clients was trying to mimic a sexual position in pornography where they were standing up and he ended up pulling a hamstring. 9/10 times whatever position is happening in pornography, does not feel good – it is just camera-worthy and looks good. Do not try these positions just because they look cool, play it safe and have fun. 

The funniest interruption during sex

One of my clients had a parrot and they started mimicking the noises they were making during sex. This completely killed the mood but sometimes you just have to laugh and remember that these experiences bring you closer. 

Saying the wrong name during sex

Many of us have said the wrong name during sex, I know that I have. Sometimes people say “Wait what?” other times they completely miss it but a sense of humor can really improve an uncomfortable situation. We are not perfect and things happen. 

Condom mishaps

I have heard of someone trying to reuse a condom. This is the biggest no-no. We need to learn safe sex and the proper ways to use a condom. Buy a lot of condoms if you plan on having sex multiple times a night. We do not want unexpected children or STIs out of this experience. Be safe and brush up on your sex education. 

Mood killer during sex

I had a client who turned on a sexy playlist and it turned from romantic music to heavy metal. Make sure to check your playlist before you put it on because you do not want to kill the mood. 

Losing something vaginally

There was a couple that thought they lost the condom vaginally so they went to the emergency room. They ended up finding it in the sheets so this is a lesson to check the sheets first! And be careful what you insert vaginally. This can be serious and lead to infections.

Sex myth

A myth that many people hear is that you cannot get pregnant the first time you have sex. This is not true. My friend learned this the hard way when she got pregnant after her partner pulled out. Again, make sure to brush up on your sexual education before having sex. 

Sex experiment gone wrong

I wanted to try something new and use edible chocolate and whipped cream like you need in the movies. It ended up being a gross sticky mess and not aligning with what I thought it was going to be like. So if you ever want to explore this, remember that less is more!

Laugh induced sex mishap

I have laughed so hard that I snorted and one of my friends laughed so hard that she kneed her partner. This completely killed the mood but again, laughter brings us closer. Nothing in life is perfect so remember that these things happen and we need to just roll with it and not make these situations a big deal.


The Lighter Side of Sexual Mishaps

March 7, 2024