Have you ever started dating someone right before the holiday season or found out their birthday is weeks away when you’ve only been dating for a week? This may be an awkward situation to be in, there is this back and-forth that can happen where you may be wondering if you should or shouldn’t get something. You don’t know them well enough to get something meaningful but you also don’t want to be rude. Here are a few gift ideas no matter the time of the year. 


  • Grab a bottle of wine for her to drink herself or for you both to share. On some previous date, she must have mentioned her favourite drink or wine. 
  • Stop by a local bakery and get a few of her favorite cupcakes. It doesn’t have to be fancy just a thoughtful gesture.  
  • Call the florist and have some flowers delivered, even better if you know her favourite flowers. You can’t go wrong and she’ll feel special that you remembered.  

Even if you’ve only known her for about a week or two it’s a good idea to acknowledge her birthday with a simple, sweet gift. DO NOT be elaborate or go big as this could be a red flag.  


  • Buy her a nice scarf from a department store, it doesn’t have to be expensive but something nice. 
  • A candle is also a nice gift, I would suggest that you spend a little more than you normally would for a candle. It’ll up-level the gift she will notice.  
  • This isn’t really a gift but I would suggest inviting her to your company holiday party. It’s a fun date idea and will give you an idea of how they are around others to see if you guys mesh well in group settings. 
  • Just try to be thoughtful and let her know that you care

This isn’t a time to want to spend a lot of money, no diamonds, don’t try to impress her just yet. 

Valentines Day

  • Make an appointment at a spa and book her a massage, you can even make it a couple massage so it’ll be an experience for you both and a nice date idea. 
  • Get her some gourmet chocolates, it’s still a cheaper option but not as cheap as drugstore brands. Leave the heart-shaped boxes in the store and just spend extra on the chocolates themselves.  
  • Pack a romantic picnic and watch the sunset together. Valentine’s Day is a day to be romantic and spend time together and you can make it better by packing a thoughtful snack for you to share. Some meats and cheese and make some fruit with chocolate. 
  • Try to think of something she would enjoy. Something to eat, drink, scent- you want to invoke a feeling within her as this will make it memorable. 
  • If you both have a goofy personality then maybe look for something fun, you may not know them well enough at this point but if you know matching onesies will make her smile then go for it. 

Don’t buy lingerie at this point in the relationship- it’s too sexy and is not the right idea- even if you are hot and heavy. 

Gift buying in a new relationship can be strange especially if you don’t know if you are going to be seeing this person a year from now. It’s nice to get her something to show that you thought of her but it’s not the time to break the bank. If she is disappointed or lets you know that she expected a gift from you then this would be a red flag.

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The Holiday Gift-Giving Guide You Need When You Just Start Dating

October 31, 2023