In this week’s episode, I tackle your questions regarding image, sex and dating! I answered three questions about the process of working with me (everything from color analysis to refining your image), the importance of men paying for dates and helping your partner build confidence.

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In this week’s episode we discuss:

[2:50] Question 1: (Steve) – What is the complete process of working with you from beginning to end?

[16:22] Question 2: (Kaden) – Why should men always pay for the date?

[18:53] Question 3: (Jessica) – My husband doesn’t know how to dress after losing 50 pounds, how can you help him?

Question 1: (Steve) – What is the complete process of working with you from beginning to end?

When someone reaches out about working with me, I have a brief questionnaire to see if we are a good fit. My clientele is mostly men in the age range of late 30’s to mid 60’s. They have either been married, divorced, or in a long-term relationship and want to start dating again. To get the full experience, this process takes at least three months.

If we find that we’re a good fit then we will start with your image. I want to know where you live, your lifestyle, what job you have, what you admire about someone famous, and the goals you have with working together. I always start with a color analysis which shows us what colors will compliment you. Color psychology also shows that each color sends a message within three seconds so this is really important to find colors that suit you.

Then we move on to body analysis where we look at your body type and see what clothes would look best on you. We also go through your closet to see what you can get rid of and what pieces are missing so I can shop for them and create multiple outfits for you. Your personality also plays a big part in the colors, fabrics, and cut of your clothes. I love to show you what having a perfect fitted outfit does for your confidence. This process doesn’t take away who you are, I just help to refine and create the best version of you so that you can draw your partner in. 

I also teach you about having proper body language and how to read it. I am sure that you have gone on dates before where someone would nod their head or smile and you thought the date was going fantastic. But you didn’t notice that her arms were crossed or that her legs were pointing towards the door (both signs showing she’s closed off or not into you). Being able to read body language is important. 

After the image part, we will discuss where you believe that you’re struggling. We will get on coaching calls once a week or every other week depending on what you need. I can also help with mock dates and dining etiquette so you know where you could be turning off potential dates. I even have clients who have been married for a long time and want to rekindle their sex and love life. Each person’s journey is different and customizable. 

Question 2: (Kaden) – Why should men always pay for the date?

This may be controversial but I always teach my male clients to pay for every date in the beginning. This shows that you are a gentleman, the man in the relationship and that you are in a place of providing. This allows the woman to relax and be in her feminine. She doesn’t have to think about planning a date, you provide a few options that are close to her and she can choose. This gives you the opportunity to get to know each other better because she feels taken care of.

Question 3: (Jessica) – My husband doesn’t know how to dress after losing 50 pounds, how can you help him?

This is a really vulnerable place to be in because losing 50 pounds is something to be celebrated but it’s also hard to change how you see yourself. Sometimes it takes a long time to look in the mirror and see the new version of yourself. It’s just like a new habit that takes 21 days of consistency, it takes a while for the brain and our eyes to correlate that weight loss. I would tell him to continue to be proud of himself and look in the mirror and say “Damn I look good.” Positive reinforcement is always going to be a great thing. 

You also want to make sure that he is fitted in the right clothes. If he keeps wearing his older clothes, he’s going to see himself as heavier than he is. With properly fitted clothes he’s going to feel so much better. He will feel slimmer and his brain can make the correlation that he isn’t that size anymore. This will help build the confidence that he should have after achieving such a big goal! 


Talk Dirty To Me Q&A: Working with a Dating and Image Consultant, Why Men Should Pay on Dates and Building Confidence After Weight Loss

September 11, 2023