In this week’s episode, I tackle your questions regarding image, sex and dating! I answered three questions about when to text, how to steer clear of the friend zone and what to wear to a wedding. If you need help regarding these topics, this is a must listen! 

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In this week’s episode, we discuss: 

[2:08] Question 1: Why hasn’t she texted me back? 

[4:30] Question 2: How do I know if she’s my potential lover or I am in the friend zone?  

[8:47] Question 3: What do I wear to a formal event/wedding? 

Question 1: Why hasn’t she texted me back? 

Rob writes in saying he has sent a woman he went on a date with three texts in the past 48 hours and she hasn’t responded. I think Rob is being a bit needy by doing this and that this may be coming off too strong. There’s a possibility that she is busy and was planning to text you back but once she receives multiple messages in a row it has turned her off and she may be ghosting you. 

I explain further, that there could be some more things to the story but with the texting you will want to leave 24-36 hours for a return text. If she doesn’t feel chemistry with you or she is not interested then you need to let her tell you that like an adult. 

Question 2: How do I know if she’s my potential lover or I am in the friend zone?  

The next question came from an anonymous writer who will be going on a first date soon. My advice for this person is to slow down and just make sure the first date is fun. You don’t know if you are going to be in the friend zone or a potential lover so you can only do everything on your part to be considered correctly. Make sure that you focus on your hygiene and get cleaned up for the date. Also, be dressed correctly for the occasion and do not over spray your cologne, one spray is enough. 

Further, make the date fun and refreshing, like paddle boarding or a hike. It’s important to ask thoughtful questions and pay attention to her. 

Also you want to make sure she is right for you and that you have chemistry. Is there engaging conversation? What is the body language like? Focus on authenticity and being who you are. If you like her make sure to plan another date before you go home because life can get very busy. 

Question 3: What do I wear to a formal event/wedding? 

I answer this question by letting Zed know that a work suit would not be appropriate and should just be worn to work only. For a wedding, it’s a time to shine and show more of your personality. It’s really important to consider what time of the day the event is, what the climate is and what type of guest you are, such as, guest of honor etc? 

If this is a winter wedding, stick with jewel tones and darker colors such as browns, dark greens and blues. Also, make sure to dress it up and have fun. Get yourself cleaned up with a shave or a trim to your beard while being freshly showered, teeth brushed and don’t go too crazy with the color palettes. 

If this is a summer wedding stick with light colors and maybe even some linen with no wrinkles. Wearing colors such as sea blues, greens, turquoise and even corals, depending on your skin tone. It’s very important to consider formality and climate because circumstances can completely change your attire. 

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Talk Dirty To Me Q&A: When to Text Back, How to Stay Out of the Friend Zone and Wedding Attire

January 30, 2023