In this week’s episode, I tackle your questions regarding image, sex and dating! I answer three questions about modern day courtship, the in’s and out’s of a good flirt, and the importance of looking into your dates before you meet them in person! 

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In this week’s episode we discuss: 

[1:55] Question 1: (Lee) What does courtship mean today?

[7:18] Question 2: (Unknown) What are the best ways to flirt? 

[11:06] Question 3: (Brian) How do I know if someone is catfishing me? 

Question 1: (Lee) What does courtship mean today? 

This is mindful dating and really getting to know someone to see if they are right for you. We all have different ideals of what we really want in a relationship and it may not be very traditional. So mindful dating or courtship means that you are taking the time to get to know each other and being very clear on what you want, your values and your beliefs. 

You can do this by writing these things down and being clear when you speak into the universe. You will attract the same person you were with before if you aren’t being mindful and intentional. 

Question 2: (Unknown) What are the best ways to flirt? 

Flirting is a dance and it’s an exchange of good vibes and energy between the two of you. You can learn more about this by reading her body language and please be confident! Women love that and will be turned on by this especially if you aren’t going overboard and being douchey. 

Don’t be afraid to approach her and spark a conversation. Dress for success and wear colors that make you approachable. Don’t forget to be your best which means dressing well, grooming yourself and carrying yourself well. 

I can’t emphasize enough about body language! Keep eye contact and don’t put your hands in your pockets. One of the best ways to do this is using your smile and being engaging. Really try and listen to her and ask her about her passions and interests. 

Use humor when you are talking to her, women love funny guys and we need laughter in this stressful world! Maybe even add in some physical touch with light touches on the shoulder. 

If she doesn’t respond well or is not interested that’s okay because you were being authentic and this woman is just not for you! 

Question 3: (Brian) How do I know if someone is catfishing me? 

Honestly, we do not know if we are being catfished online these days. You must take every precaution when online dating and there are romance scams in large amounts happening online every day. 

Make sure to always ask for a video call before meeting her in person and if she says “no” then I would decline meeting her at all. I would also invest in an app that allows for background checks. I love the app called, Bright Swipe by Scott Bright that helps with data checks and looks into people before you move forward. Scott will be on the podcast sharing about Bright Swipe in a few weeks so stay tuned. 

I recommend you meet in a public place and never drink something that you left at the table unattended. I know it’s extreme but you never know. I also think it’s a good idea to not drink alcohol on the first date so that you really get the feeling for the person. Lastly, make sure someone you know and trust knows where you are just in case. Safety is the top priority! 


Talk Dirty To Me Q&A: The Meaning of Courtship, How to Flirt and Ways to Protect Yourself From Being Catfished

April 24, 2023