What comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘custom-made?’ Expensive? Out-of-reach? Or…necessary? In a world where confidence is key, it’s time we chat about the importance of tailoring your clothing to help you feel confident in your body and tailoring your relationships to bring in the unique partner you desire. I’ve invited Shao Yang, Founder of The Tailory NYC, to help me talk about why a custom approach is best for both!

Shao Yang owns and operates a bespoke clothing company that combines modern fashion design with the heritage art of custom-tailoring. They believe that custom suits are genderless, adapting to each unique body, and cater to men, women, and non-binary individuals. 

This episode, we discuss:

[09:44] The process of working with The Tailory

While The Tailory offers in-person or virtual sessions, I always recommend in-person so you can truly enjoy the full experience. Shao walks us through the process of being a first-time client, discussing the questionnaires that are used to capture a general idea of what a client wants before they even enter the showroom. When they arrive, Shao and her team have a selection of fabrics displayed that fit within their needs and budget. Her clients enjoy a glass of scotch while they participate in the design session, take measurements, and start to build a relationship with Shao and her team that will have them wanting to come back for styling advice or additional pieces. Working with Shao is an experience you do not want to miss.

[16:56] Why confidence is the biggest turn on

Each client that works with The Tailory NYC experiences a customized process, where Shao and her team work with their vision and personality to bring their ideas to life. Afterward, her clients feel heard, comfortable, sexy, powerful, and extremely confident. Not only is confidence one of the biggest turn ons for me, but when it comes to business and dating, confidence will help attract the success and people that you want in your life!

[18:51] How custom clothing works with your body

When it comes to clothing, one thing that I always teach my clients is ‘cost per wear.’ Shao and I discuss the importance of investing in a high quality piece, as they can stay with you forever – even through weight fluctuations. Shao reveals that a custom suit can still be worn after gaining up to 20 pounds, as it was specifically designed for your body shape. When you buy off-the-rack or fast fashion, these pieces are more likely to have smaller seam allowances or cheaper material, meaning they simply won’t last as long.

[22:10] Why the small things matter

As a new business owner, Shao was completely invested in her business. So, how did her husband catch her attention? Shao shares that her partner is always putting her needs before his own and makes her feel seen and heard by doing the small things – remembering details from conversations, knowing and making her favorite food, and consistently showing her that he was paying attention to her specific and unique cues. To all her friends still in the dating world, Shao gives this piece of advice: You always want to look out for the little things he does for you, and not the big lavish things. Lavish, overly-planned gestures are usually something they do for everyone, but it’s the smaller, more personal things that show you someone’s true interest.

[27:45] Shao Yang’s dating dealbreakers as a business owner

Shao Yang had a brand new business to run, so she wasn’t looking to get married. And after experiencing dating in her 20s in NYC, she knew exactly what it would take to grab her attention, and what would be an immediate deal breaker. As an ambitious person herself, she appreciated ambition in others as well as confidence and loyalty. She wanted someone who could come alongside her and push her to do better as she grew her business, rather than someone content to mosey around and do nothing all day. While her deal breakers were dishonesty and laziness, she notes that everybody has their own deal breakers, so it’s important to be honest with yourself about what you really want and what you would rather live without.

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Tailoring Your Confidence with Shao Yang

July 5, 2022