If you’ve been wondering where you want to take your partner or date for Valentine’s Day then this is the perfect episode for you! 

I am giving you tons of advice to make sure you are successful and prepared this year. I discuss where to go, what to wear and how to please her sexually so that you will feel confident and ready to enjoy a great time with your special date! 

In this week’s episode we discuss: 

[2:11] Planning for Valentine’s Day

[4:13] How to show up as your sexy and confident self 

[8:19] Sexy date ideas 

[16:40] Ways to please her sexually 

[19:29] What to do if you want something a bit more simple 

Planning for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to plan this special event for you and your partner. The whole reason for this day of love and romance is to truly connect with your partner so electronics should be set aside and connection should be your highest priority. 

How to show up as your sexy and confident self 

Groom yourself with a nice shower and don’t forget to take care of all the nooks and crannies. Women love a good smelling man and it is such a turn on when someone takes care of themselves. 

Pick an outfit that shows off your best assets. If you have nice arms maybe wear a shorter sleeve shirt or if you have a nice butt wear form fitting pants. Also pick a color to wear that goes best with your skin, eye and hair color. Your personality also plays a role in the color you pick and will show your partner a bit of who you are. 

Keep your posture upright and body language should be on point with how you’re feeling. Tell yourself three affirmations before leaving the house: “I am sexy, I am confident and I am ready for fun!” 

Sexy date ideas 

If you are new to dating I highly recommend getting out and doing some type of activity such as: ziplining, skydiving or something really adventurous. Grab an ice cream or a sorbet and walk along the beach or at a park. Go into the date with openness and gratitude so you set the mood up for success. 

What type of things does your partner find hot? If you know her love language use that to make things a bit sexier with dirty talk or lots of physical touch. Just bring your masculine game! The man needs to be a bit more assertive and plan things so that the woman can receive and be in her feminine. 

Another idea could be a chef tasting menu with wine tasting so that it’s a bit more leisurely and you can get to know each other. This date involves the senses and can be very relaxing. I also love the idea of going salsa dancing or to a class because it is so sensual and you get to explore lots of touch. 

Another great idea is making pizza naked and really enjoying some good alcoholic beverages that she really likes. Also a mom or busy woman would love a spa package or a night of sensual massages. Be spontaneous and enjoy lots of sex! 

More ideas can include a weekend away to even Napa! Also picnics or a romantic sunset cruise together. 

Ways to please her sexually 

Identify what you or her sexual lifestyle is, such as: kink, sex clubs, BDSM, healthy porn, toys etc. Incorporate sexuality and your lifestyle into a date night and make sure to be aware of what she really likes and what is a good and safe environment. 

When you are heating things up please make sure she has an orgasm first. Send some flirtatious texts ahead of time to warm her up. When you guys are together, let the burn build and take your time bringing her to ecstasy. 

What to do if you want something a bit more simple 

Do something that is romantic away from the everyday work life and kids, just be together. You could redo something you did when you guys were first dating or just getting back to some healthy love and affection for each other. 

Remember I am here to help you out and I love helping my clients build that confidence so they can be successful at dating. 

Thanks for tuning in to today’s episode. Come and hang out with me on Instagram @celestemooreimage.  Let me know your thoughts on today’s episode because I always love hearing from you all. 


Spicing Up Your Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2023