Shopping may not be your favourite thing to do guys. I can shop for hours. In fact, I have made it part of my career by being an image consultant. To help you out with your fall wardrobe I put together this list of must-have pieces, what colors you should buy them in and where to buy them. You are welcome. And no this list isn’t going to be about trendy pieces you can only wear this season. Styles may change but these are staple pieces you should invest in.  

Must-have pieces

You probably already have a ton of these but you need some sports jackets. You do not want cotton or linen as they will be too light for fall. You want to find a nice wool sports jacket. 

Grab a few cashmere sweaters and make sure to get a v-neck and a crewneck. This will give you options and allow you to style with or without an undershirt.  

This one isn’t rocket science, but heavier pants. Think of heavy denim or corduroy pants. This is mainly to keep warm so you may already have the denim but the corduroy is a little more stylish as it comes in various colors. 

Invest in a pair of Chelsea boots or Chukka boots. These are sold in neutral tones so you can match them to almost all of your outfits. To you give an idea, these are causal dress boot that is perfect for the fall season. 

This one isn’t really a “piece of clothing” but still important- try adding layers to your outfits. It looks put together and it will have her turning her head in your direction. Here is a bonus tip: Do not buy flannels, unless you are going glamping or skiing there is no reason for you to buy a flannel shirt. 

Colors to wear

Take what I say with a grain of salt, there are certain colors you can wear from season to season but there are also some colors you shouldn’t wear based on your skin tone. This is a catch-all list so some of these may work and some may not. Here is a list of colors for you to buy this fall.         

  • Dark charcoal or navy
  • Fun prints for jacket 
  • Pinstripe
  • Earthy (Tip: not all of you may like this one)
  • Dark green 
  • Slate blues 
  • Burgundy  

I have covered what to buy and in what colour, but now I have to give you a list of where to shop. I’m giving you all the tips so there is no reason why you cannot update your wardrobe this year. 

Where to shop

This is a simple answer. You are going to want to shop at any high-end department store. They have everything that you need from all the top designers that make quality clothing. Plus you can also pick up new sunglasses, new cologne or a few scarfs to add for the layered look. The icing on top is that you can exchange or return things easily (I may know from experience). Go to any Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom or Sacs Fifth Avenue.

I would love to know if you found this list helpful. Add me on IG and send me a DM to let me know. If you would like some more tips on dressing for your body type then you have to check out this blog post. Now, take a screenshot to and bring this on your shopping trip to Neiman Marcus, you will be walking around with confidence this fall.  


Men’s Fashion Made Easy- Update Your Wardrobe With These Fall Must Haves

September 6, 2023