In this week’s episode, I share my opinions and beliefs regarding sexual pleasure, communication in the bedroom and why sex is so important for a healthy relationship! 

I do a deep dive into the importance of foreplay and how sex is definitely not just physical! This is a great listen for anyone who wants a little refresher in the bedroom, wink wink!  

In this week’s episode, we discuss: 

[1:59] What impacts the way we perceive sex?

[4:30] Sex is not just physical 

[5:20] The importance of foreplay 

[8:11] Why sex is paramount to a healthy relationship

[9:44] How to ensure you keep your sex life healthy 

What impacts the way we perceive sex?

There are many factors that impact how we perceive sex. Some of these influences are how we were raised, our belief systems, religion etc. Some people take these experiences and rebel against them or they take on some puritanical views towards sex. This can impact your future partnerships in a big way and cause you to be inflexible even when you meet a great person for you. 

Sex is not just physical 

A large component to sex is the mental aspect that makes deeper connection even more important. For many women, we are turned on by mental stimulation and seduction is definitely a game of intel. You need to understand what your partner likes and really pay attention to them. 

The importance of foreplay 

I believe foreplay is extremely important to a woman experiencing an orgasm. Foreplay creates a build up to intercourse or oral sex and obviously the big O. There is an art to teasing and pleasing your partner. I would recommend reading up on this and trying different forms with your partner. 

I really love the art of burlesque among many other forms of teasing and play. Sex is so much more than the intercourse for me. 

Why sex is paramount to a healthy relationship 

Without sex you might as well be roommates, right? Sex helps you create and grow your bond with your partner. You can use that special time to communicate and express your deep desires and turn-ons. Sex is a great stress reliever and can help you sleep better. 

Make sure sexy time is judgment free and that all fantasies and desires are welcome. This is a great time for healthy communication. 

How to ensure you keep your sex life healthy 

In the beginning of the relationship make sure to take it slow. The key here again is to communicate and talk about when it’s the right time to start having sex. Some women have sexual trauma and abuse and it’s extremely important to build trust between each other. 
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Let’s Get Sexual

April 10, 2023