Human Design experts Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles of DayLuna join us this week for an insightful conversation around what it means to live life according to our energy type.

Shayna and Dana give us a tangible breakdown of what Human Design is so you can walk away feeling empowered to give this experiment a try. They also share how we can use it for more alignment in our lives, why we need to tune into our bodies for decision-making, and how to live authentically.

Make sure to generate your free Human Design chart before tuning in so you can follow along with greater understanding. I learned so much about myself throughout this conversation and I know you will too!

In this week’s episode, we discuss:

[01:35] About Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles of DayLuna

[04:05] What is Human Design?

[08:02] Why Shayna and Dana created DayLuna

[12:33] Human Design as a tool for self-exploration 

[17:58] How DayLuna simplifies Human Design 

[21:54] Human Design shows us that we are our own authority

[25:13] The five different energetic types in Human Design

[42:51] Projector invitations and recognition 

[46:26] What does it mean to have openness in our charts?

[50:37] Human Design authorities (decision-making process)

[53:59] Human Design profiles 

[56:26] “Your Human Design” Book

[59:24] Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles’s favorite dates

About Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles of DayLuna

Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles are Human Design experts and the cofounders of DayLuna. They are called to help spread the complex and life-changing science of Human Design to the wider community in a grounded and approachable way. Through their personalized Human Design ritual kits, live readings, video courses, and their book, “Your Human Design”, they have created many different playful and informative offerings to help support individuals in honoring their unique energy.

While they specialize in the realm of self-purpose and conscious entrepreneurship, they also dive deep into topics such as spirituality, parenting, and the new paradigm on the DayLuna Human Design Podcast

What is Human Design?

Human Design is called the science of differentiation and is a synthesis of modern science and different ancient modalities like Western astrology, the I Ching, the chakra system, and the Tree of Life. All of this comes to life in a chart when you enter your birth date, time, and location.

Your Human Design chart is a blueprint of your unique energy. Each of us has a different life purpose, different gifts, and a different way to use our energy. Human Design is a map showing you exactly who your soul came here to be. It also shows you how to navigate life with authenticity, and how you can really make a line decision so that you align with this person that you came here to be.

Why Shayna and Dana created DayLuna

Shayna and Dana met 15 years ago in college. Despite going to college, working a 9-5, and looking successful from the outside, something was missing. They were both exhausted by the end of the day and they felt like they could not keep up with their coworkers. This led them to some self-reflection and they started diving into different modalities which eventually led them to Human Design.

When they first found out that as projectors they were only supposed to be working 2-4 hours a day, everything made sense. They committed to a month of living their design and within that month everything changed. They had so much more clarity and a clear vision of their purpose and they haven’t looked back. They started teaching Human Design because they wanted to bring this life-changing experience to more people. 

Human Design as a tool for self-exploration 

Within DayLuna, they have ritual kits for your specific chart. Every box is different and dives into your unique energy, strategy, authority, and how you are here to impact the world. This is a gift of self-awareness to yourself. Celeste shares that this would be a great tool for a teenager as they are starting to explore who they are. Figuring out who we are as a person, not who everyone wants us to be, is so important in our teenage years. This box is great for any age but teenagers can really benefit from it!

How DayLuna simplifies Human Design 

Human Design is a very detailed science that includes codons in our DNA, quantum physics, and astronomy. This is all fascinating but it can also go over our heads and feel discouraging. With DayLuna, Shayna and Dana are most passionate about understanding the realm of energy. Helping people awaken to the fact that we are energetic beings inside of a physical body. They try to empower people to use the feelings within their bodies to know what is right for them. 

As a society, we have been taught to live from our minds but the truth is that our mind is not here to guide us. Human Design shows us that our body is the one that feels the energies and knows the answers for us. Navigating our lives from our bodies feels much easier and more peaceful because it does not have the anxiety our brain does. This is why Shayna and Dana approach everything by getting out of the mind and into the body. 

Human Design shows us that we are our own authority

Another big theme in Human Design is that every person is their own authority. This is much different than what we have been taught throughout our lives. Instead of listening to an outer authority, we should drop into our bodies and take our power back. Shayna and Dana remind us that no one on Earth knows what is right for you more than you do.

Learning to take your agency back even when people are telling you what is right and wrong in your life is important. The path of purpose and authenticity is walking the path that is true for us instead of what is expected of us. Human design helps give us the tools to understand how to do this.

The five different energetic types in Human Design

Make sure to generate your free chart, look under your name and you will see your type which will either be generator, manifesting generator, reflector, projector, or manifestor. Your type is how your energetic body works. Here are the five types:

Manifestors: They are less than 10% of the population and they have an aura that is very impactful. Their energetic presence acts as this magnifying glass and anything they say or do is automatically magnified. They are also not designed to be influenced by other people and their closed aura is protecting them from outside influence. Their strategy is informing. This is using their voice to let people in on what’s going on internally.

Generators: They are 35% of the population and their aura is open and enveloping. They feel good to be around, making you feel included and welcomed in. When a generator is in love with their life, they spread that love without even trying. They are meant to be doing what lights them up so they can be a powerhouse person spreading energy to others. Their strategy is responding, which means letting their body’s energetic response indicate what things they should spend their energy on. 

Manifesting Generator: They are also 35% of the population and are mostly the same as generators. The only difference is that they are designed to be impactful, independent, and can benefit from using the informing strategy like manifestors. 

Projector: They are less than 20% of the population and their energy is not about what they do it is about what they see. They have a penetrating aura that goes into the other person. Their strategy is waiting for the invitation which means that they have to wait for energetic consent before inserting themselves into other people’s lives.

Reflectors: They are only 1% of the population and they have an aura that takes in other people’s energy and mirrors that back to them. They have a powerful role in gauging if things are healthy or not. Their strategy is connecting with the lunar cycles. They need to give themselves an entire moon cycle to navigate life. Each day becomes something new and reflects something new. 

Projector invitations and recognition 

Shayna and Dana shared with us how important it is for projectors to wait for the invitation. They also share that this does not mean that they have to wait to be invited to start something such as a business. Creating something and then allowing people to come to you and ask for advice is key. When projectors focus on what fascinates them, people can feel that and then recognize you to come help.

What does it mean to have openness in our charts?

Shayna and Dana share that if we have open centers in our chart, these are the places where we are taking in energy and amplifying it. This can show you how your energy works and where you are empathetically taking in others. Celeste for example has a very open chart which means she is often seeing other people’s perspectives, seeing what they need, and feeling their emotions. 

Human Design authorities (decision-making process)

There are eight different authorities (our decision-making process) in Human Design. These three are the most common:

Emotional Authority: 50% of the population has this authority. These people access their truth by giving themselves time to make big decisions. They want to wait until they are emotionally neutral about a situation because their emotional highs and lows color that truth.

Sacral Authority: These people are here to make big life decisions spontaneously. They can access their truth right at this moment.

Splenic Authority: These people are also here to make big decisions spontaneously but the feeling is more subtle. They have to listen to the whisper of what feels right. If something doesn’t make sense but it feels right, that is your authority. 

Human Design profiles 

A layer deeper would be the profiles. There are 12 of them and this is where things start to get more specific. Your profile tells you how you are here to play on the stage of life. Each person is meant to learn differently and to teach differently. You can really see how each person is unique and if you want to dive into this deeper, make sure to grab their book!

“Your Human Design” Book

There are a lot of layers in Human Design and they focused on making their book very simple and approachable. You can look up your type and then go into the deeper levels of how to live out your strategy and practice it on a deeper level. You can use this book as a tool to help you start exploring and experimenting with Human Design. For example, if you are a:

Manifestor: Start informing more and see how that plays out in your life. 

Generator: Start listening to your body’s energetic response to things to see what is aligned. 

Projector: Start waiting for the invitation and focus on your own wisdom, insight, and fascination. 

Reflector: Start attuning to the moon cycles to slow down and allow yourself to chameleon. 

Use the book to help you with the experience of becoming your own authority and living life authentically. Every person’s experiment and experience is different!

Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles’s favorite dates

Shayna’s favorite date was her first date with her husband where they watched a meteor shower. They drove through the canyons of California, laid on a blanket, and talked about life. Right before they were leaving, they saw the most beautiful shooting star.

Dana’s favorite date was one of the first dates with her husband. She always asked her dates to take her somewhere amazing and even though this is a lot of pressure, he delivered. He took her to this waterfall with all of these birds and wildflowers. They put their feet where the water was crashing into the canyon and watched the sunset. 

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