Chivalry. What exactly does that mean? If you search online you will find a definition that will say things like honor, courage, kindness, and some terms about knights’ behavior in medieval times. So in a sense, you could say that chivalry is dead. There are no knights, you don’t need to fight for her honor in duals, or ride horses long distances to see her. The behavior of being honest, kind, and polite is what you need to keep in mind. Let’s breathe new life into this old word of “chivalry.”

Many people see this as a dying art because we have redefined the man and women’s roles in society. Women are more independent, they can bring home the bacon AND fry it themselves. The need for a man who can support a woman financially is less in demand. That may be why more women are choosing the be single now, they realize that a man’s financial income isn’t enough for them in a relationship.    

What women want is a man who can support their independence, recognize a woman’s strength, give them respect, and also help support the emotional load of the relationship. They want a man who is thoughtful, and honest, and allows them a safe place to fall apart emotionally. A man who does things for her without expectations of getting something in return. 

If a man expects a woman to give him sex because he pays for dinner, she will immediately be turned off by him. This makes the relationship transactional and will create a negative undertone in all future interactions. Times have changed and money is no longer a bargaining chip.    

Here are a few checklist items you can do that will make her feel like you care about her:

  1. Watch a movie that she loves, even the “chick flicks”
  2. Meet her at the door with a glass of wine after work
  3. An unexpected thoughtful gift
  4. Open doors for her
  5. Walk on the outside of the sidewalk so you are closer to traffic/cars 
  6. Always pay for the first date (this is a rule of mine when you work with me)
  7. Give her your coat to keep warm

The point is… it’s important to think of her and her needs. She wants to be equal in the relationship. If you treat her with love and kindness she gives that energy right back to you. A woman who feels safe loved and desired will give you everything you need as well.

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How to Keep Chivalry Alive in the Modern Age

January 13, 2023