Men, I am sorry to say that some of you need help. Yes, I am talking about your dating app profiles. Some of you just post the wrong types of images or aren’t painting yourself in the best light. There are some “best practices” to keep in mind when you create a dating profile. Let me give you some simple do’s and don’ts so you don’t come off as being “generic.”   

Let’s start with the list of 3 dos. These are some easy fixes that you can make right away to help your profile stand out a little more.  

  1. DO Use a high-quality CURRENT photo– this is one of the most important pieces to the whole dating profile. No one is going to move to the talking phase with you if you have a blurry photo. And no one wants to be catfished. Don’t post images of you from 10 years ago. Your features have changed and you need to show who you are NOW. Think of your image as the first date, put your best foot forward from the start. 
  2. DO Be Confident- I have said this many times before but make sure that you are confident in yourself. Don’t try to lie to make yourself seem better, own your insecurities or even joke about them. Just be yourself and give the correct information. (That also means no lying about your height – the ladies love a short king, especially if he is a gentleman) 
  3. DO Put thought into it– A few well-constructed lines on your interests will help you stand out. You don’t need to be super detailed and give your whole life story (you’ll lose them right then and there) but give enough so it gives a good snapshot of your life. (example: I like music – is boring. I have gone to 42 rock concerts and am planning to see Taylor Swift – is detailed yet concise)

Moving on to the Don’ts. Here are 3 dating profile faux-pas you are going to want to avoid. 

  1. DON’T Be too Stiff- you are not applying for a job so you don’t need to be professional or list out all of your achievements. Let your personality shine through here. Tell a joke, be clever, and let her see you be a little quirky. This will make you stand out amongst the crowd.       
  2. DON’T Use Sexual Innuendos- it’s sometimes ok to tell a naughty joke on your profile but if your whole profile is just sex then you will come off as a creep and she will not give you a second look.  
  3. DON’T Have Images with Exes – This goes for other women in general. Even if the woman is cropped out of the photo and there is a female arm resting on your shoulder. Choose images that are just of you and ones you can see on your face.   

You are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but you aren’t trying to win a popularity contest or get the most likes. You are trying to find that person you want to spend your life with. If you are genuine it will come through on your profile and more women will be swiping right on you. 

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How to Impress Her With Your Tailored Online Dating Profile

June 14, 2023