When you’re thinking of diving back into the dating pool where is the first place that comes to mind? A BAR, a NIGHT CLUB, a DATING APP. You think that you need to meet up with some friends at a loud bar to find someone to date. The single life is all about drinking and restaurants right? Not exactly…

What if I told you that you could find someone to date anywhere you go on a day-to-day basis? When you are looking for love, now or again, it’s worth your time to really sit and think of what type of person you want to spend your life with. 

From there you can figure out where you are likely to find this person. If you want someone who likes going to bars or nightclubs, by all means, go out there and have fun at these places, but if that isn’t your idea of fun then here is a list of potential places to find love.

  1. The Grocery Store- If you do your own shopping you usually have your favorite places to go. This is where you can meet someone easily. Put on a cool, clean weekend appropriate outfit and see if there is anyone you might be attracted to. 
  2. The Gym- There are certain rules at a gym and you don’t want to be the creepy guy who is staring at someone else. But once someone is finished with their set or no longer on a machine you can approach them and start a conversation.
  3. A Coffee Shop- This is a perfect place to meet someone and even have a morning coffee date to get to know each other. You both have a love for coffee or pastries, buy their coffee to get their attention. 
  4. Your Friend Group- Finding someone who is already connected to your friend group is an easy way to find someone who has similar interests as you. Ask for an introduction or do a fun group event. 
  5. Take a Class- sign up for a class for something that you’re interested in whether that is a yoga class, art class, or volunteering locally. Doing something new and expanding your interests can help expand your dating pool.  

What you are really looking for here is finding someone who can already be part of your life in some way. Usually, someone who goes to the same places that you do would be someone you would be compatible with. Going to the same places over and over is a good way to catch someone’s attention as well.

If you are not someone who goes out and parties every week then going to a bar could be the completely wrong place for you to find love. You are typically going to find someone who likes to drink often and might not want to settle down in a long-term relationship. 

Here are some things to think about when you are wondering where to find love:

  • How do they spend their free time?
  • What does spending time with you look like?
  • What is important to you in a relationship? 
  • What qualities are you looking for in a partner?
  • What is fun for you?

If you need help with any part of this feel free to reach out to me by filling out this FORM. I want to help you find love in all the right places.


How to Find Love in the Right Places

November 15, 2022