In this week’s episode I am joined by a friend and creator of ClicksDaily, Siloh Moses. You will love this inspirational and magical story of Siloh experiencing an extreme low of homelessness and not only finding security again but creating a new business based on cutting edge AI technology.

I highly recommend this episode to anyone who is going through a rough patch in their life. There is always hope and this story is beaming with it, giving you the push to wake up tomorrow and start again. 

In this week’s episode we discuss: 

[4:49] Siloh’s life experience since meeting Celeste 

[8:49] Siloh’s memoir and philanthropy 

[14:00] When Siloh felt comfortable to start dating again

[17:12] How Siloh met his current girlfriend 

[21:59] The importance of practicing direct communication in a relationship and male roles 

[26:20] How Siloh defines a relationship

[31:08] The dating scene in Vegas

[38:07] What Siloh is doing now

[44:28] The products he has created 

[47:50] Siloh’s favorite date 

Siloh’s life experience since meeting Celeste 

Lots of peaks and valleys and then a big peak as of late. Siloh started with record labels and as a concierge service to the artists that would come to Vegas and perform. He then went through a valley with some bad business and the real estate crash of 2009 and 2010. He lost his business and essentially lost everything which forced him to scratch and climb his way out to where he is today.

Siloh’s memoir and philanthropy 

He took the diary he had during his time of homelessness and turned it into a memoir that I found very moving. It’s also extremely inspirational to people who might think they know what homelessness looks like. It’s a great perspective of losing everything and Siloh also started giving back as soon as he had the means to do so. 

He started Serving Hope LV that serves those who are less fortunate. They can be homeless, unemployed or underemployed. His organization helps people get on their feet again and empowered by a grassroots approach of getting your hands dirty. 

His goal is to find the person he used to be and help give them what he needed. He wants to pay it forward rather than run away from that life. Serving Hope LV has served over 20,000 individual meals in the community. 

When Siloh felt comfortable to start dating again

It took him about a year and half to release a lot of negative self-talk that had come into his mind from being homeless. He had to realize that he is better than his experience. It helped him so much to start embracing his experience rather than running away from it. This pivotal part of him happened and it is a part of his character and his story. He believes it’s extremely important to face and embrace your past because it will create value for you. 

How Siloh met his current girlfriend 

They met by mistake when he wasn’t looking for a partner. He was doing a lot of work on himself and wrote off the idea of dating for at least a year. He had a friend call him up to go to a cigar bar because he didn’t want to go alone. Siloh was home alone reading on a Friday night and didn’t even like to smoke but his friend really needed him. 

He went to the bar and there was a beautiful woman he noticed right away who ended up standing by him while a Jazz band played and she asked him if he knew how to dance. She asked him to dance with her which is very rare especially in the Latin dance world. The first dance turned into many and they have been together every day since. 

The importance of practicing direct communication in a relationship and male roles 

As a result of Siloh and his partner’s language differences, they have been forced to have more direct communication. This has helped him be more to the point with less games and quicker problem solving. This helps them fight less and make disagreements less long lasting. 

Siloh brings an old school male role to his relationship. She never opens a door when he’s around and he always pays for everything when they go out together. 

How Siloh defines a relationship

As a man in the relationship, Siloh has noticed that his partner likes to explain more details and in depth story-telling and he has had to come to terms that it’s not about him and he needs to develop patience to sit there and listen. He has realized how different their brains are and that listening and not making it about himself is how he shows respect. 

Siloh doesn’t like to think of relationships as compromise but as foundations. Bringing those foundations together instead of losing parts of ourselves to fit into someone else’s world. 

The dating scene in Vegas 

You can say that when you’re living in a lot of the big cities but Siloh believes that’s a real cop out. The same person could say that living in any city in the world. You need to find quality people and that starts with finding the quality inside yourself. 

Since he has found high quality in himself he never had a huge problem dating. If someone hasn’t matched the qualities he set for himself, he has no problem cutting them off and walking away. 

A big part of this is looking at your problems face forward and getting through them so you can create value within yourself. The way someone walks can tell you a lot about them and it can show if someone has something going on in their life that you may want to learn more about. 

What Siloh is doing now

About 20 months ago, Siloh started a tech and data company. His sociology and psychology background surprisingly helped him do this. He was inspired to get these degrees because of his family history and lineage. 

Siloh’s strong interest in people and learning about the way they tick has allowed him to be super successful and he is applying all of this psychology into tech data now. 

What he does is look into online behavior and find certain triggers that tell him what kind of traffic online would be good for a certain person. He connects them to the technology with AI, which is really just algebra. 

It resembles matchmaking with customers and businesses and he really loves it. Before his data company he worked in trade shows, where he would meet thousands of business owners a day and he noticed they knew so much about their business but not much about where their customers were coming from. 

Later on he discontinued his work in tradeshows and met a guy who was very smart in creating code and specifically AI code. They discussed the problem that he saw after speaking to all the business owners and were able to create a tool to answer that question. 

The products he has created 

The first product is a traffic tool that siphons off traffic from major search engines without companies having to traditionally pay for it through ads. This takes a quarter of time that SEO or traditional marketing strategies because of their unique code. 

The second product is a pixel that they created with code that allows you to overlap your pixel on top of any of the client’s websites. This allows the company to gather information from the people who visit their websites even if they don’t opt in for a newsletter or email marketing. If you are a business owner that is not familiar with who your audience is, this will solve that problem. 

Siloh’s favorite date 

His favorite date was his first time visiting his current girlfriend’s family in California. They were on an island that is a bit more private and he had a fantastic time with her family. He remembers enjoying the sand and the sun while being introduced to a place that she used to go to a lot as a kid. 

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May 1, 2023