This week we have a no bullsh*t discussion with Jacob Lucas about dating, love and relationships! 

Jacob is a global dating expert and he has earned these credentials with plenty of research and experience helping his clients. He fills us in on how to tell the difference between a high value and low value partner, tips to get your first date and why having money is just a crutch for men! 

If you want a raw and honest conversation that will help your dating life, keep listening! 

In this week’s episode, we discuss: 

[01:19] About Jacob Lucas

[02:35] How Jacob got into this line of work

[11:06] Has Celeste always been fashionable? 

[13:48] Does Jacob have more women or men clientele?

[18:54] Men using their money as a crutch to get women 

[24:28] What are men looking for when they are dating? 

[35:21] How Jacob met his current girlfriend

[37:08] Is Celeste dating someone now and what is her type? 

[46:53] Some effective communications tools that Jacob teaches his clients 

[54:23] Tips to get a first date 

[1:00:58] Jacob’s favorite date 

About Jacob Lucas 

Jacob is a leading global dating expert who has helped millions of people achieve the love life they have always wanted through his real-life methods. These methods have garnered him over 750,000 followers on his social media, featured in global news articles, live TV interviews and guest spots on several well-known podcasts.

How Jacob got into this line of work 

Jacob was always very fascinated by the psychology of attraction and he was also a professional boxer for a time. When he got terribly sick and had to stop doing physical things, he started reevaluating his life. He decided to pursue his passion of dating coaching and thrived quickly on social media. He had great results, a very strong passion for what he was doing and became successful quickly. 

Has Celeste always been fashionable? 

Celeste didn’t grow up with a lot of money and there were five kids so she would get some shopping trips throughout the year but if I wanted something for herself, she really had to work for it. She started babysitting when she was 12 to buy clothes she really liked. She has always gravitated towards a quality piece of clothing even when she was younger. 

Does Jacob have more women or men clientele?

Jacob says that his videos are mostly watched by women and overall he works with more women in his coaching container. We both agree that men are a bit more egocentric when asking for help and women are better at humbling themselves enough to ask. Jacob also goes on to say there are tons of toxic males in the dating industry and he thinks it shouldn’t be so hard to be safe and helpful. 

Men using their money as a crutch to get women 

Jacob and I agree that money used as a crutch to get a girlfriend will only go so far and that it is devoid of substance. It’s important to remember that money comes and goes and if your relationship is built on that you will be in trouble. 

What are men looking for when they are dating? 

Jacob says there are two different types of men: low value and high value. A low value man likes a woman that is malleable and easy to control. They get jealous easily and they want their woman to be submissive. 

A high value man likes an intellectual woman who can take care of herself. They like to be with an attractive woman who gets looks when they go out together. These two men are very different and you will find less high value men out there. 

Jacob notices that he coaches a lot of high value women that suppress themselves so they don’t intimidate their men and this causes them to be with lower value men. This can sometimes come from parental roles and childhood trauma. 

How Jacob met his current girlfriend

They met through Instagram and he found her to be hot so he reached out through her DMs. Jacob is extremely happy and he feels like a relationship should be the easiest thing in your life. He doesn’t fight much with his girlfriend and even though they go through things in their lives they go through it together and like adults. 

Is Celeste dating someone now and what is her type? 

Celeste is currently taking a break and not actively dating. She plans to start dating again in the future but not right now. She loves intellectual men who she can have a stimulating conversation with. She wants someone who wants to learn about life and make themselves better. She also wants a man that she can be vulnerable with and who isn’t jealous. 

Celeste has had a lot of married men hit on her and found it to be a real problem where shes had to adamantly push these men away often. 

Some effective communications tools that Jacob teaches his clients

Jacob says the number one thing he says is to leave your ego at the door. You don’t have to focus on the right and wrong all the time and have a superiority complex. Ask questions that get into what someone is feeling and make sure to listen. Listening is very important and underrated and can change the interaction completely. 

He also goes on to explain that anger is a form of pleasure and is used to take victory over someone or superiority. When we can think of it like that it can change our relationship to it. 

Tips to get a first date 

Jacobs biggest advice is momentum. He says that there should be a date planned within a week or people move on and lose interest. The longer you wait the more time you give for another person to come in and swoop the person you were interested in. 

When you’re offering a time, give three options to meet in that week rather than just giving your whole week over to them because you come off a bit desperate and needy. If they can’t find time in those three options then it’s their problem. If a guy can’t make a date in a week he’s indecisive and a low value man. Jacob prizes himself in his honest and raw advice. 

Jacob’s favorite date 

Jacob loves nature walks and he went to a place in Wales called The Four Waterfalls. They went on a walk there and booked out a lodge close by where we also had a wholesome pub dinner. 

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High Value Vs. Low Value Dating with Jacob Lucas

July 24, 2023