This week is all about getting crystal clear with the universe and ourselves! Why is it so important to know your life goals, core beliefs and core values? 

Well, listen up! You are going to learn what each of these are, why they are important and how knowing these will help you get into a committed and loving partnership. 

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In this week’s episode we discuss:

[2:05] What are life goals? 

[4:00] What are core values? 

[5:32] What are core beliefs? 

[7:51] Why are these important to a healthy long term committed relationship? 

[16:13] Our goals, values and beliefs may change as we age 

What are life goals? 

They are those big juicy goals, those big dreams and ambitions that you wish to strive for while you are on this earth. You want to have ones that are super realistic and ones that include some fantasy and dreaming. These life goals may change as you age and as you achieve things in your life. 

What are core values? 

These are a set of moral standards and principles of behavior. This is your own personal judgment of what is important to your life. These are more intellectual, emotional and spiritual versus dream oriented. I have many values that are embedded in me but they are also qualities that I want in a partner. 

What are core beliefs? 

These are what you believe to be true in your life which can stem from your childhood or your experiences. These are broken down into what we believe about ourselves, others and the world around us. 

Why are these important to a healthy long term committed relationship? 

Lasting successful relationships mirror your life goals, core values and core beliefs. Everything else can be dissimilar such as hobbies, friends, etc. but having these in common is extremely important. 

I really want all of my listeners to get clear on these because they help you be content and happy. Also, knowing these help weed out potential mates that don’t align with your values, beliefs and life goals. You won’t be tempted to date someone solely because of good looks, great sex or chemistry. 

Maybe you’ve been in a toxic relationship and forgot what healthy is. I would focus on self growth and get some help to support the process. Stay open to life and try new things so that you can explore new desires. 

Our goals, values and beliefs may change as we age 

It is possible that these things may change and you may also have some of the same ones that you did when you were 15 years old. In my experience, some of my beliefs and goals have changed but my values have not changed. Only you can decide how you want to live your life, so try the new restaurant, move across the country and listen to new artists, you deserve it. This may help you find a new partner and life is so beautiful when you get out of your own way.


Getting Clear About Your Life Goals, Core Beliefs and Core Values For Long Term Relationship Success

August 14, 2023