There are many people who begin dating again later in life. You may have thought this is not something you would go through this stage, but now you’re here. There are so many reasons why this may be the case, and they’re all okay! Maybe you’re newly divorced, you have been married to your career, or you just never saw the need to settle down. Now you find yourself wanting a life partner, and we all know that time becomes more valuable the older we get. I’m sharing suggestions for conquering first date hurdles for those of you between the ages of 40 and 60.

This episode, I talk about:

[1:56] Staying open to new possibilities when dating later in life

[3:00] Choosing a location for a first date

[4:51] Attire for a first date

[6:03] Meeting your date for the first time

[6:35] What to talk about on a first date

[8:11] What NOT to do on a first date

[9:07] Paying the check on a first date

[9:25] Kissing on a first date

[10:39] Asking for a second date (or not!)

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First Date Tips for Men Dating Later in Life

March 29, 2022