Listen up gentlemen! Today I am here to talk about the topics of seduction and foreplay. The definition of seduction is the act of seducing or another one would be a tempting or attractive thing. The definition of foreplay is a set of emotional and physical intimate acts between one or more people meant to create sexual arousal and desire for sexual activity. I believe that a lot of men don’t know this about women. Women are complicated creatures by nature. We have many facets to our personalities, desires, and even what we longed for in the sexual arena. Even though we all want to feel desire, aroused, and wanted by our sexual partner or partners. It may vary what that looks like for us. 

Forgive me, but most men are simple creatures in the sense that if you give a man food, allow him to have a great sleep, let him have amazing orgasms, then he is happy. We do not think linearly like men do. We usually have many things going on inside our heads at once. We are multitaskers and we’re not linear thinkers. So it’s just how our brains are wired. Knowing this when we are wanting to get sexual with another we must be seduced and enjoy foreplay before we jump your bones. Men are visual creatures and you need that for arousal. Overall, men are more simple when it comes to being turned on. So knowing that we are different creatures and what women need will require much more.

This episode, I talk about:

[5:31] Building the desire of sexual intimacy

There are similar underlying basics that turn women on. Seduction and foreplay can often start weeks in advance of any sort of sexual activity. This can go on even months before if you’re taking things slow. Taking things slow and letting things heat up is a magical thing. I know that sometimes it is hard to wait on both sides and I’m not saying women need months and months of seducing but it does help. As much as you want to get it on super fast, it is so much more hot and amazing when you actually get it on if you take things slowly. 

[9:35] Meeting for the first time

Women love to be noticed but not to the point where you are needy. One way to get a girl’s attention is by telling her that her eyes are breathtaking and her smile is beautiful. Be honest. She’ll genuinely know if you are being genuine. Continue to flirt with her by looking her way when you’re talking with her. If she looks back and turns toward you, then continue the flirting process. 

Let her simmer in the mystery of a man not begging for her. Never be too available. Don’t act like you just want her no matter what. Make sure you are interesting and you’re authentic. Be yourself. Be confident and don’t try too hard. Keep her wondering what you will do next. Don’t be predictable, but instead be mysterious.

[11:10] Talking dirty

Let’s say you’re on a fourth date, you’ve decided to cook an amazing meal for her at home and you decide to talk a little dirty. This can be a turn-on if it’s done right. For example, maybe you’re making out and you tell her you can’t wait to take her panties off. You also tell her that she’s making you so turned on. See how she reacts to know if this is going the right way and if she feels the same way and responds by talking dirty back to you. Then you know it’s a green light. 

But you must be careful here because talking too dirty can have the opposite effect and come off creepy. And If she’s not ready to go in that direction, she’ll be done. Body language is super important so pay attention. We communicate through our bodies to describe our feelings and emotions. Our bodies do not lie. 

[12:37] Ways to seduce

Here are some examples of ways to seduce. Set the mood for a home dinner date. Smells and tastes are paramount to turning on desire. Certain foods will bring us back to a certain moment. These are paramount and they can really be used to turn on a woman. Come to the date freshly showered and groomed with one spritz of cologne and clothes that show off your personality and bring out your eyes. You really want her to focus on your eyes. There’s that connection that needs to be had. For women, we’ve got to know that you’re interested you’re listening and this definitely shows through your eyes. Wear clothes that hug your body nicely and that highlight your assets.

Light candles that have either vanilla or cinnamon in them. They tend to be an aphrodisiac and they definitely turn us on. Cook dinner for her and make sure it’s super delicious. Eat slowly and enjoy the flavors of the food. Maybe you sip on wine that complements the food. This would be ideal. You can even cook with aphrodisiac foods. This will enhance the mood even more. Just a few examples are oysters and chocolate. Maybe some nice chocolate for dessert and put together a romantic playlist or music that evokes sensuality. Maybe she really enjoys a certain type of music that just gets her in the mood and makes her want to move her body relaxed. It’s really about making women relax and feel the ability to just let everything else go in their lives and focus on that moment with you.

[15:38] Foreplay – Women love it and need it

Foreplay, we women love it, and we need it. Anyone that says they don’t is not being honest. For women, it can take a while for us to get out of our heads and into sexual mode. Turn us on by taking your time. If you don’t know what turns her on, ask it super simple. Then let’s start with a kiss because the kiss can be everything for a woman. Have good, clean breath, and make sure your face is either freshly shaved or your beard or mustache is trimmed. Just make sure you’re all ready to go. Look into her eyes, then look at her lips and move in slowly to kiss her. You can even put your hands on her face if that’s okay with her. I know a lot of women don’t want you to touch their hair. So just stay away from her hair and kiss her slowly and then passionately then you can move on to the passion. Kissing is super erotic. 

Do not rush. It’s a total turnoff. When you don’t rush. It lets the sexual tension build. This is very important. Cater to her needs and make sure she orgasms before you. If you give all of yourself to pleasing her, trust me when I tell you she will not only please you but she will want to love you up again and again. It really is about the technique and connection between you and your lover.

[20:28] Examples of foreplay

One of my favorite examples of foreplay is going to a strip club. It is not for everybody, but I love it. Or watching porn of a fantasy that you have. Just make sure she’s comfortable with doing something that is so erotic. Maybe foreplay is her dressing up in sexy lingerie and then doing her own version of a striptease for you. It could be kissing each other everywhere and exploring each other’s bodies, acting out of fantasy, using toys, having a hot oil massage, eating chocolates off of each other, or maybe you’re into BDSM costume play, or whatever the pleasure is. But make sure you respect her and whatever she is comfortable with.

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Everything You Need to Know About Seduction and Foreplay

May 23, 2022