This year, the Down and Dirty Podcast will go from bi-weekly to weekly episodes for even MORE juicy and exciting dating advice in 2023. In this episode, I share my New Year’s intentions while also sharing some important questions to ask yourself to get you just a little bit closer to your desires. Remember you don’t have to do this alone and it’s okay to ask for guidance. 

This episode I discuss: 

[1:42] 2023 Podcast Updates 

[2:57] What this podcast is about and who it is for

[5:43] Deciding on your dating goals this year 

[8:47] My 2023 Intentions and Goals 

[13:25] Questions to ask yourself when jumping back into dating 

[15:51] How to love yourself again 

2023 Podcast Updates 

In 2023, I will be releasing new episodes every week instead of every other week because we are growing faster than expected. I will also be starting to answer questions from you guys once a month on all things dating through a form so stay tuned for more details on how you can submit your questions. 

What this podcast is about and who it is for

I really wanted to create the Down and Dirty podcast so that my guests and I can educate you on all the many facets of the modern dating world. This podcast is for every gender and age but mainly focused on ages 35 and up. We also focus on many different topics such as lasting erections, loss after being married, how to flirt and many more. 

Deciding on your dating goals this year 

The first step is to get introspective with yourself. Get to know who you are, what you like, looking at past relationships and what part you played in those. I recommend writing this down, especially focusing on your deal breakers, because these will come up over and over again. 

Also ask the questions about where you are in terms of meeting someone? Are you looking for someone to marry or are you just at the point where you want to learn to date again. 

Reflect back on 2022 and look at all the growth you have done and be proud of that. Instead of focusing on how we need to be better, also look at how far you have come.

My 2023 Intentions and Goals 

It’s important to find overall health in physical, mental and spiritual. This will take balance, which has always been hard for me. 

It’s important that I stay true to myself because I have been a people pleaser and I have had to learn that I haven given more of myself to everyone than to myself. I am left drained and I have learned that I have to set boundaries. 

I am also focusing on letting go of control and being a perfectionist. I am going to let other people do things because it helps me and it allows others to be responsible. 

I’m also going to be doing what all seven and eight figure people do, which is get up early around 5:00 AM to journal and meditate. I also want to exercise on a regular basis, which I do now, but just take it up a notch. 

Questions to ask yourself when jumping back into dating 

If you haven’t dated in awhile start with baby steps. Maybe go on a group date, maybe it’s a meet up date that has an activity. Especially after 2020, a lot of us have gotten more introverted. 

Check in with yourself and ask yourself questions like am I ready to be open to new possibilities? Am I ready to explore? Am I confident in who I am? Am I sure who it is that I want to meet and date?

If any of these questions come back with a “no”, maybe it’s time to hire a dating consultant like myself or a therapist to help you deal with past traumas. 

It’s okay to ask for guidance. Trust me, you will know if somebody loves what they do by having a quick consult with them. 

How to love yourself again 

You love yourself more by doing the things that you want. Surround yourself with the people you choose to be with and know that you are worthy of all your dreams and aspirations. 

Own your authenticity. What will you do to make 2023 worth remembering? 

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Defining Your Dating Desires in 2023

January 9, 2023