I’m so excited to share this conversation with my first guest, my mother, Dr. Julie Siemers. She has more than 40 years of experience in nursing practice, education, and leadership in a wide variety of roles in critical care. Dr. Siemers has earned a masters of science in nursing and a doctorate of nursing practices. 

This episode, we talk about:

[2:27] How her experience as a teen mom impacted her life

[5:19] Dating again at age 32 after being married for fourteen years

[8:33] Dr. Siemers’s biggest challenges in dating

[11:33] Changes in dating across the lifespan

[13:11] What she hopes Celeste Moore Image can do for men looking to find their perfect partner

[14:37] Where Dr. Siemers would be if she could choose anywhere in the world

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Dating After Divorce as a Professional with Dr. Julie Siemers

March 29, 2022