Chad Raynor, a fitness and wellness instructor, is here today to chat about how working out contributes to confidence, lifestyle changes, and a sense of accomplishment. He shares his own experiences with divorce and dating, and we discuss the complexities of introducing a new partner to children. 

This episode, we talk about:

[4:12] How Chad got into fitness and health

Originally, Chad’s goal was to become a broadcaster. When he finished school, he went back home and he ended up working at the front desk at a Gold’s Gym in his hometown. He loves working out, and he thought it would be great to work out for free. 

A couple of his friends had also tried to get into broadcasting, and they ended up getting stuck in places they didn’t necessarily want to be. One friend became a radio DJ, and another became a weatherman. These are great jobs, but they weren’t what they wanted to do. 

Chad became the training manager at the gym, and he began looking into getting certified as a personal trainer. He became certified in 2003, and he began training more seriously in 2004. He has been training ever since. Chad enjoys the opportunity to improve people’s lives – whether it’s from a mental standpoint or a physical standpoint.

[7:28] Why people seek personal training

A lot of clients come to me because they lack confidence. We cultivate confidence through their image – not just how they are dressed, but also through their verbal and nonverbal communication. As a trainer, Chad cultivates confidence as well. People come to a personal trainer to learn something new. They may not be shy or unsure of what they are doing, but they do want to learn. At the end of the day, a trainer is a teacher and a coach. You can build confidence by losing weight, looking better, and feeling better. You might get more attention from others, and you might be able to move better than you could before. Even having the confidence that you can get down on the floor and play with your child, or hold your child for as long as you need to, can be huge. People seek training both for aesthetics and for confidence in their everyday lives.

[9:53] The mental component of fitness

Chad shares that there is definitely a mental component when it comes to fitness. In general, working out is not something that a lot of people are into – especially later on in life. As we get older, get into the workforce, and start having families, working out tends to get put on the back burner for a lot of people. Being able to accomplish physical things can be very empowering. There are different variations to empower and build up confidence for people through fitness. Confidence, Chad points out, is definitely at the forefront of the fitness industry – whether it’s building it, acquiring it, or maintaining it. Working out can also be a mood enhancer, in addition to helping you sleep better. Consistent exercise can help you to feel more refreshed and productive.

[12:15] Making lifestyle changes

There is a saying in fitness that you can’t out-train a bad diet. It is much easier to put in calories than to take them off. It’s all about moderation, but you can’t just eat and drink whatever you want. A lot of people have a hard time moderating, and sometimes personal trainers can step in and help people realize that they can do this. 

[13:27] Taking care of yourself to attract a romantic partner

Chad references a quote from Deon Sanders, a Hall of Fame football player. He says, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” Things fall into place when you’re taking care of yourself and feeling good. You are more confident when it comes to dressing up and going out, because you have put in the work to look and feel a certain way. 

Again, the mental aspect comes into play because you are showing others that you care about yourself. This does not mean that you don’t care about yourself if you’re not in the shape that you want to be in, but putting in the work, time, and effort shows others that you are able to care for yourself. Chad points out that, if you are able to care for yourself, it makes people think that you can care for them as well.

Chad’s wife works in fitness, and he shares that that is part of why their dynamic works. They both understand how important it is to look and feel a certain way. 

[16:26] Chad’s experience with dating after divorce

After his divorce, Chad describes that as a reflective stage. In his opinion, there should be some introspection when you go through a failed relationship. He thought through things that he didn’t like about what his previous wife was doing, but he also looked at what he did to contribute to the failure of the relationship. 

Chad took a few months of not dating at all. He wanted to be sure that, if he got into another relationship, it would be right for him and for his son. Chad didn’t want to be treated poorly, but he really prioritized others treating his son well. He wasn’t willing to commit to somebody who wasn’t ready to be that kind of caliber person in his son’s life. His current wife immediately showed love for his son, and Chad recognized how comfortable his son felt with her from the beginning.

[19:51] Introducing a child to your new partner

It is a huge responsibility, because your partner is also going to shape who your child is going to be. Seeing your relationship is going to be a factor in your children’s own relationships later in life. Chad wanted to be sure that his son saw an example of a healthy relationship.

[22:18] Where Chad would be if he could choose anywhere in the world

Chad describes himself as a big family person as well as a “Los Angeles homer”. The most important thing for him is to be with his family. Whether they are at home in Los Angeles or traveling, he loves being with them. If he could be anywhere, he would be in Santa Monica – a 15 minute drive away from the mountains. Having access to nice weather and nature is super important.

Connect with Chad: @technicalfitness

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Cultivating Confidence Through Fitness with Chad Raynor

May 9, 2022