Darron Brown, the host of A Podcast for Men joins us this week for an edgy and entertaining conversation about dating and sex! We talk about his experience dating women in different areas of the country, different nationalities and the experiences that opened up his mind to having a contemporary relationship in the future.

I believe anyone can gain something from this episode but especially if you’re ready to expand your ideals around traditional relationship roles. 

In this week’s episode, we discuss:

[1:32] About Darron Brown

[3:20] The inspiration behind A Podcast for Men

[9:19] Biggest differences when dating in the Bay Area vs. Salt Lake City 

[12:25] Dating American women vs. foreign women 

[15:30] Darron’s opinions around when to have sex with a new partner 

[17:07] Darron’s ideal relationship 

[23:39] The experiences Darron had that opened his mind around sex and relationships 

[30:35] Darron’s current relationship status and how he plans to move forward 

[37:47] Darron’s last relationship and his daughter 

[44:14] We need to invest in learning how to date 

[48:33] Darron’s favorite date 

About Darron Brown 

Darron is the host of A Podcast for Men, which goes into the question of what it means to be a man in today’s world. He is a former D-1 football player and software engineer who is extremely passionate about helping men. 

The inspiration behind A Podcast for Men

Darron started the podcast with the idea of wanting to support his software engineer business and gear it towards geeky subjects and people who are interested in the tech field. He noticed that he got the most listenership from the videos around manhood and relationships. Then, he pivoted the business towards what it means to be a man and how modern relationships are affected by that. 

Biggest differences when dating in the Bay Area vs Salt Lake City 

Darron notices that the women in the Bay Area are much more aggressive and that he has been approached very often with forward questions while he lived there. The social dynamics are very different. He has mostly dated foreign women while in Utah but when he dated women from Utah he noticed that the social dynamics were extremely important and group approval was what they needed. Salt Lake City is very small and people stay in their social circles so when you date a girl you date all her friends too. 

Dating American women vs. foreign women 

There’s a lot of conversation around this on the internet but Darron says the main difference is maturity from both genders. We are maturing a bit slower in the United States and the previous generations. 

There is a more direct nature to the African and European women he has dated and when he meets them it’s usually in a group setting because the women are forcing him to get to know them rather than it only being sexual. 

Darron’s opinions around when to have sex with a new partner 

Let things happen organically because it can happen at any time. He made the mistake of putting women into categories like: women to marry and women to have sex with it. What he missed in that perspective was that all women are sexual beings and that it’s important to show them your authentic self. Make the first move and show that you like them! 

Darron’s ideal relationship 

When he was younger, Darron thought something was wrong with him because he was ambitious and interested in sex but not super interested in having a girlfriend. As he grew up, he had girlfriends because he thought he was “supposed to” and those were not fulfilling for him because they were just filling space. Now, his ideal relationship would be two wives that he’s extremely close with and building a family with. 

Darron doesn’t want a bunch of girls but he sees the value in two partnerships where he isn’t very controlled but there is deep intimacy with them both. 

The experiences Darron had that opened his mind around sex and relationships 

He noticed that the sluttiest girls in high school were the ones to get married the fastest and that the women who were more innocent would go to college and get crazy. He realized that you could not put women or anyone into boxes because it doesn’t work. 

He also experienced that in return. He went to an expensive high school because of his athletic abilities and when he arrived he would wear a durag that gave him the nickname, “Gangster D”. Quickly, he was getting better grades than his peers and people were surprised to see him thrive in a way that they didn’t expect. 

Darron’s current relationship status and how he plans to move forward 

Darron just got out of a relationship and he has been on the dating scene for a couple months. He is pulling inspiration from a couple guys he knows that are polygamist and Muslim. They have situations where the women do not live under the same roof and some actually work together. He doesn’t align with polygamy but he sees how the parts of the dynamic could work for him. He wants it to be a team effort that they all want to be a part of. 

Darron’s last relationship and his daughter 

Darron’s last relationship was about to end but then they became pregnant so they decided to try to work on it. They couldn’t find a way to make that work but they moved forward with starting the family and he just had a baby girl. 

Darron has always loved children, he grew up in a family of 11 children where he was the oldest. Having his daughter was a huge deal for him because he has always wanted to be a father. His daughter has helped him become a better person in his relationships overall. He feels very lucky to have known some incredible women in his life but his daughter has helped him grow so much. 

He’s noticed through his experience with her that you have to put in the effort and many men aren’t doing that. They are making excuses and saying it’s so hard to see their kids but not putting the effort into their kids lives. 

We need to invest in learning how to date 

Darron notices that people just expect a good relationship to come to them. They don’t invest in learning how to date or doing a lot of it. He has seen with a lot of women in his life that they didn’t date a lot in their youth, they just hopped into long term relationships where they would force them to last longer than was good for them. Once they hit their thirties they didn’t know how to date and then they struggled to find someone. 

Many people have an idea of what they want growing up but they don’t understand what they need or want until they start dating and experiencing these relationships. 

Darron’s favorite date 

His date was a hike with a woman that involved a lot of great conversation and connection. The hike was at 8pm and went all the way till 3am and it left him thinking about her and the conversations after leaving her. He believes a date where you can really get to know someone is very important and to not always prioritize sex. 

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Creating Your Ideal Relationship with Darron Brown

May 29, 2023