On this episode of the podcast, I am sitting down with Kristin Dalton of Krush Artistry.  Kristin is a Mother, Lash Artist, Beauty Trainer & Tattoo Artist with over 9 years of experience in the beauty industry.  She is the Owner of Krush Artistry in Austin, TX which provides a number of beauty services that aim at making clients feel confident & gorgeous. Her passion is helping new artists thrive in their business but also truly touch people with their artistry.

Ready to embrace your confidence in relationships? Then let’s dive into this episode. 

This episode, we discuss:

[2:41] How Kristin got started in the beauty industry 

Before diving into the beauty world, Kristin was a project manager in the E-commerce industry. She spent the bulk of her twenties working in this industry. Eventually, she moved to Texas after having her baby and really hated her job so she made a list of all the things she didn’t enjoy to help her figure out her next steps. 

Kristin realized that within the tech industry you can begin to hit a glass ceiling, especially as a woman and she wanted a career that had no income cap. She decided to go to esthetician school at 30 years old and started her own business shortly after finishing. Now, she has grown her lash and lip business significantly over the years. 

[8:03] What lip blushing is

Lip blushing originated in Russia and only really got started in the US about 5 years ago. Lip blushing is a type of semi permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure achieved by depositing pigments in your lips using small needles. You can get any color that you want and the procedure lasts about three hours. 

Lip blushing can help with defining your lips and giving them a bit more shape. It can also help fix any asymmetry. Lip blushing can also help people with cleft palates and scars from dog bites. 

[10:03] Celeste’s experience with lip blushing 

In 2001 or 2002, Celeste got her lip semi-tattooed with something called SofTap. Celeste thought that SofTap was super painful but when Kristin mentioned that she does lip blushing Celeste trusted her and decided to go for it. The process for lip blushing was virtually painless for Celeste compared to the SofTap. The recovery itself was also quick and easy. 

As we age, we lose both pigment and volume in our lips so Kristin enjoys being able to help women feel confident in their skin again. 

[16:17] How beauty standards affect different cultures 

Another thing that can be fixed with lip blushing is hyperpigmentation. Kristin finds that a lot of beautiful girls come in wanting more westernized looking lips and she loves that she is able to help them achieve the results that they want. 

[25:23] Kristin’s experience with doing lashes

Kirstin’s esthetician career began with lashes and it’s a service that she has always loved to provide. Throughout the changes in her career and the services she provides, she has always provided lash work, and has completed lash lifts for Celeste. Kristin feels that the time that she gets to spend with her clients while working on their lashes allows her to create close connections with them, becoming friends with many of them. She feels it’s a blessing to have a career where she gets to communicate with really cool women and learn about all walks of life.

[28:31] A look into Kristin and her husband’s relationship

Kristin shares that she feels there’s always something new that she’s learning about her husband, and that it keeps the mystery alive, which adds to the excitement of their relationship. As a musician, her husband attracts other women, which Kristin says she allows to spark her jealousy in a hot, sexy way. Kristin is able to enjoy moments of jealousy because she has total faith that her husband is the most loyal friend and partner she knows.

[31:23] About Kristin’s husband’s devoted and thoughtful nature 

On top of their amazing communication, which Kristin attributes to her attending therapy for years and her husband’s thoughtful nature, they both remain open to change which she feels is a foundation for a great relationship. Open communication, realizing that you don’t always have to agree on everything but still staying respectful, is something that they’ve cultivated in their relationship. Kristin feels that even though her husband no longer practices Buddhism, he still is very thoughtful and deliberate with his actions and choices. He can also be very stubborn and blunt, but because of his strong nature she knows that he is always coming from a place of truth.

[35:43] Qualities to look for in a partner 

When looking for a partner, you want to be sure that they are adding value to your life instead of adding constant stress. You want to be able to be in a relationship with someone who you can treat as a friend, and vice versa, acting with loving, vulnerable, honesty, When you are both vulnerable in the relationship, the inevitable moments of stress won’t break you, and you’ll be able to live as your true authentic self.

[38:02] Kristin’s favorite date she’s ever been on 

The dates that stick with Kristin the most are the dates that were ongoing, like a morning date meeting for breakfast that ended up in a tour of a museum, and then went into getting lunch with a natural flow. She remembers chivalrous behavior and talking about similar subjects of interest.

[41:53] Kristin’s thoughts on online dating

Thankful that she began dating her husband 10 years ago, Kristin describes online dating as a whole new spectrum of dating that blows her mind. From the glimpses of online dating that she’s experienced through friends and clients, online dating strikes her as a new level of brutality.

[49:21] How Kristin and her husband navigated challenging times 

A challenging time in Kristin’s marriage came when she found out she was pregnant. He hadn’t wanted children, and she didn’t think she could become pregnant. It was an extremely tough situation, but they faced it head on, together. Kristin initially communicated that she would understand if he didn’t want to be a part of the pregnancy, but that she felt like it was something she had to see through, and he accepted the challenge of parenting with her and continuing to take on life together. Kritin states that he has become the most phenomenal partner, and stresses the importance of sticking with the decisions you make.

[51:56] Kristin’s final thoughts on beauty treatments 

Kristin believes in being unapologetic about beauty treatments. People have assumed  that plastic surgery was only for individuals with low self esteem or who were obsessed with looking younger, but the reality is – everybody wants to look young and healthy! Kristin’s advice is to do what makes you feel good, and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re wrong. The only thing you can do wrong in life is not be your true self.

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Building Your Confidence in Relationships with Kristin Dalton 

November 28, 2022