Building a personal brand isn’t just helpful in your business, it is important in every area of your life. When you are connected to who you truly are and it is conveyed in your style, body language, and the colors you’re wearing, this allows you to be your best self! In this week’s episode, I am sharing why building a personal brand is so important and how working with an image consultant can help empower you to become who you desire to be. Join me in this episode as I share practical tools & takeaways from my 17 years of experience!

In this week’s episode we discuss:

[02:18] Personal branding is a representation of oneself

[06:36] We want a similar personal brand in every area of life

[07:50] The psychology behind a color analysis

[09:03] Learning what fits your body type

[09:49] The importance of body language

[11:54] The significance of color

[13:32] Self-empowerment and personal branding

Personal branding is a representation of oneself

Personal branding is so important because it is a representation of yourself. We all have multiple facets in our lives whether that’s business, work, home, community, hobbies, or religious affiliations. Within our entire life, we have these multiple areas and we have to ask ourselves “Are we showing up as our true selves?” Some of us may not know how to answer that but there are many ways that we can find who we are. Then we can reflect this in what we wear, the way we engage with people and our body language.

The influence of personal branding is in all aspects of our lives. We have to be mindful of how we are showing up because if we went on a date with someone and gave the bare minimum it would not be enough for a second date. Personal branding is paramount to dating successfully or to your career progression. 

We want a similar personal brand in every area of life

As a certified image consultant from the only accredited institution in the world, I have learned a few things about personal branding. I have been in this area for 17 years and I am constantly learning. I want to make sure I am the go-to expert in my field and that means I need to show up in that way. 

If we look at life like a pie and see each piece as a part of our life, we want to make sure we have a similar brand in each piece. We may wear different clothes but the colors still work well together and your body language and the way you show up are the same.

The psychology behind a color analysis

There is a psychology behind the colors we wear and this will affect how people perceive us. Each color elicits a different emotion. Some colors can make us sad, feel serious, or bring authority. Color analysis says so much about you, it is part DNA and part personality. If you are wearing the right colors then you are naturally going to be more vibrant and look younger. 

Learning what fits your body type

The second part of personal branding is learning what fits your body based on your vertical and horizontal body type. This depends on the length of your arms, torso, and other parts. This is why it is important to go to someone who is an expert in this field because we do not realize this when we are picking out outfits on our own. 

The importance of body language

We also want to make sure that you are sending the right message to the people around you. You must know how to convey the right emotions and that your body language aligns with who you are. 55% is how we look, 38% is how we say something, and 7% is what we say. How you dress and act are the most important ways to convey your message. 

Start to notice where your hands are when you are talking to people, where your feet are positioned, and that you are making eye contact. If you are smiling and making eye contact but your arms and legs are crossed, that is coming across completely different. Your body never lies and if you are closed off someone is not going to open up to you. 

The significance of color

You also want to be intentional with which color you are wearing. For example, my mom was getting ready for a TED talk and she was wondering what she should wear on stage. She is in the medical field, saving patients’ lives, so she wants her audience to know that she is the go-to expert. This means that she should wear navy because it is the most trusting and loyal color. 

Self-empowerment and personal branding

I want to remind you that looking at every area of your life is important. You matter and you deserve to feel your best. If you want to be your best self, coming to someone like me to teach you tools to help you with personal branding can give you the best damn life. My mom has gone through my program and we redid her hair, her wardrobe, and her style, and then she had a photoshoot. It went great because she now feels empowered and she brought her best self. Matching your brand to your goals and life will show you in your best light!


Building a Personal Brand

March 21, 2024