A new year and a new you…that’s how the saying goes right? Even though it is a cliche and doesn’t really hold the same meaning it once did, I want to chat about it a little more. If one of your plans for 2022 was to find love and that didn’t quite work out, how about trying a new approach for 2023? 

If you are new here, let me introduce myself. I am Celeste Moore, a personal image and dating consultant FOR MEN. I work best with men and I can teach you a lot about what women want and how to be the best version of yourself. This is your chance to have the inside scoop on women from a woman. It’s not as difficult as you may think but it will take a little investment from you. 

You may have built a wonderful life for yourself but now you want to share that with a woman…the right kind of woman. The best way to attract someone is to work on yourself and be the man she needs you to be. Chivalry and romance aren’t dead men. It is alive and well and I want to help you understand how to be a gentleman in the modern age.   

Here is what you will gain when you work with me:

  1. A complete understanding of a woman’s point of view
  2. I will give you the confidence boost you need in all areas of your life
  3. Verbal and non-verbal communication skills so you know what is going on inside of her head…no more guessing
  4. I can even do a complete wardrobe makeover that starts with a closet audit and analysis and ends with a personal shopping trip to set you up for success

Usually, men need my services because they have spent a lot of time building their careers, they are newly divorced, they don’t have a clue how to talk to women, they have busy lifestyles and need tips on how to date, etc.

If you are one of these men then we should set up a call.    

No matter what the reason is, I am here to help you. I want you to be happy and enjoy this part of your life. There are women out there who have similar beliefs and values as you and are also looking for a partner to spend their life with. Let me give you the tools you need to navigate the dating world and find someone who makes you feel excited.  

You’ll come out of this with top-tier dating skills and a new look that will turn her head. You’ll be exuding confidence so you can attract the woman of your dreams. A new year and a new you could be exactly what you need in 2023. 

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Be the Best Version of You This Year

December 29, 2022