Men’s coach, Shaun Cooke, joins The Down and Dirty Podcast this week to highlight some major truths about personal development, awakening your sovereignty and becoming your own expert. If you have been doing all “right things” in life but still feeling unfulfilled, this episode is for you! 

This is an episode that will make you want to make some positive changes right away, enjoy! 

In this week’s episode, we discuss: 

[1:12] About Shaun Cooke 

[1:59] Shaun’s story 

[4:18] Shaun’s coaching fundamentals 

[6:48] What doing the work in a relationship actually means

[10:55] What it means to be committed to yourself

[19:40] What being in solitude means 

[27:16] Does knowing yourself better allow for deeper connections, better sex and a better life? 

[36:16] Shaun’s course, “Awaken the King Within” 

[43:17] Who is this program for?

[48:15] Shaun’s favorite date

About Shaun Cooke 

Shaun Cooke is a powerful men’s coach, blending together the forces of the divine feminine and the sacred masculine to unleash his client’s unique magic. Operating under the principle that each of us are experts on ourselves, he guides his clients into unlocking their own inner genius so that they may have the life that is the fullest expression of themselves.

Shaun’s story 

He was living life the “right way” in his 20s but was very depressed. He didn’t realize he was depressed until he started going to a men’s group and realized that with a couple changes he could have a much happier life. He learned what those changes were and started to implement them. He then began to run a men’s group and was asked to start doing 1:1 work that inspired his business today. 

Shaun’s coaching fundamentals 

Shaun believes that we are all the experts of ourselves and he usually moves towards the places in people they don’t want to look because most often that’s where the answers lie. You can’t make anyone change, they have to want it for themselves and to do the work to get there. 

What doing the work in a relationship actually means 

Sometimes people believe that reading books, going to seminars, having 1:1’s with powerful teachers and going to retreats is doing the work but that is actually the doorway. Doing the work is going into your life and apologizing, changing your behavior and changing your habits. If you want your relationship to change you have to actually “do” something about it rather than just research and listen to things about it. 

What it means to be committed to yourself

There is a difference between “being interested” and “being committed”. You can only see your commitment by looking backwards. If you look back at your life and you see that you are doing things daily or weekly, you know you are committed to it but if you look back and you’ve mostly just said words then you are not committed, you are interested. 

Keeping your word is extremely important as well. Shaun teaches this to his clients because in the end it’s all we have and following through with it when it comes to our relationships and ourselves is paramount. 

When we don’t follow through with our word, we break trust and that shows lack of respect. Showing lack of respect to yourself specifically impacts self worth and causes a lot of pain for the individual. 

What being in solitude means 

In our culture we are always “doing” and it’s important to find times to unwind. This isn’t even meditating, it’s just being with yourself and discovering yourself. He recommends sitting or walking without your phone and letting your thoughts come and go, allowing yourself to find more inner peace. 

He asks his clients to start with 20 minutes a day with silence during their commute or a short walk with nothing going on. Then he asks them to start doing an hour once a week where they walk with no specific destination. Once they have been doing that for a while he asks them to create an intention to open their heart and start embracing their own guidance for the walk and see where they end up. 

Does knowing yourself better allow for deeper connections, better sex and a better life? 

Shaun helps a lot of his clients learn how to speak their desires because many people get caught in what the other person in their life wants before themselves. When we can trust the other person to say what they want and not to lie we can have more trustworthy and deeper relationships which means better sex. 

Further when we are rooted into what we want and ourselves we can listen and be there for our partners in a more honest way. 

Shaun’s course, “Awaken the King Within” 

We all have a sovereign energy within us that we are working on embodying more and bringing forward. As we live there are bricks that are put between us and sovereignty which is our “king” or “queen” within. His course is outlined to help remove those bricks so you can see and embody your king more. 

He helps clients embody different masculine archetypes to help the process of removing the bricks and creating a kingdom. The four archetypes he uses are from the book, “King, Warrior, Magician and Lover”. He decided to add the father as well to make five. 

Who is this program for?

This is a program for men who have done everything right in their life. They have the job, the house, the kids and life still sucks. They know life is missing something and they keep making crappy decisions and want to stop doing that. This program takes them through the archetypes so that they can step in and be a clear and confident leader in their lives. This is so they can choose to live rather than just live the life society tells them to live. 

Shaun’s favorite date 

He went on a date with himself recently while living in Mexico and he walked for 3 hours. He followed his bliss and his joy and had a very spiritual experience watching people and connecting with himself and life in a deeper and more loving way. 

He had a long date with his partner where they went camping with their dogs. He was able to see the change in colors in nature and spend lots of time outdoors. 

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Awaken the King Within with Shaun Cooke 

July 10, 2023