It’s Virgo season! During my latest stay at Miraval wellness resort, I attended a truly fascinating class on astrological charts. I’m a Virgo myself, but as we looked over our Sun, Moon, Rising, and other signs I realized there was so much more to understand about who we are and how we experience life. Now that it’s officially Virgo season, it felt like the perfect time to share what I learned about astrological charts and how they can help you navigate your relationships, love life, and the way you experience the world.

This episode, we discuss:

[01:49] My self-care experience at Miraval

I believe that something that helps me stay focused and grounded in my personal and professional life is taking the time to do some introspective work. I try to create balance and focus on healing and pleasure. One of the ways I do this is by visiting Miraval, a wellness resort that offers the most amazing spa treatments I’ve ever had. They offer various exercise classes, cooking classes, challenge courses, equine therapy, and different types of meditation and introspective work classes. At my most recent stay, I took part in Thai massages, coffee pedicures, a chia seed facial, and even tried Reiki for the first time.

I took a variety of classes while I was there, but one of the most fascinating was a class that went over our astrological charts. I knew I was a Virgo and was aware of the Virgo tendencies I display, but I learned so much about myself through this class. Your astrological chart is much more than the well-known Sun signs, and can really open our eyes to how we interact with others in our lives.

[06:17] Where to start with astrological charts

There is so much to learn from our astrological charts. It can be very a overwhelming area to explore, especially if you’re not sure where to start. An astrological chart is something that is unique to everyone, and is based on the month, day, week, and time of your birth. You’ll need to know this information to start your own research on your specific chart.

[07:48] What your Sun sign influences in your life

The Sun is referenced as ‘the giver of life,’ so it makes sense that your Sun sign represents your conscious mind and lifeforce. It determines your strongest personality traits and acts as your point of reason as you make decisions. Your Sun sign acts as one of your main astrological signs, representing your vitality and ego and determining who you believe yourself to be.

[09:21] The Virgo Sun sign

Those with the Virgo Sun are known for their attention to detail, patience, and gentle spirit. They are great organizers and tend to make sure everything is “done to perfection.’ Paying attention to details comes into play as Virgos, ruled by Mercury, enjoy uncovering truths to help others gain clarity or when they need to make a case for something. Virgos are reliable, loyal, and innovative.

In matters of love, Virgos are very specific about the type of partner they commit to, which can make commitment difficult. Once they decide to stop entertaining different contenders and settle down with a chosen partner, their loyalty trait comes into play and they’re ‘in it to win it.’

[11:15] How your Moon sign impacts your connections

Your Moon sign is one of the most important aspects of your astrological chart. It explains how you connect with others on an emotional level, and influences what you need to feel safe and secure in any relationship.

[13:34] Venus, Mars, and your love life

In my opinion, your Venus and Mars signs are the most awesome part of your astrological chart. Why? Because they heavily influence and reveal aspects of your love life. While your Venus sign uncovers your desires around intimacy, sex, and love, it also helps describe your love language. Your Mars sign shows what activates you romantically, what draws you to your partner. My Mars and Venus signs happen to both be Libra, and let me tell you – it doesn’t get spicier than if your Venus and Mars signs fall into the same element.

[15:59] Dating based on astrology signs

Have you ever dated someone based on your astrological signs? If you understand your Natal chart, it could play a factor in matching you to your perfect partner. Explore your Natal chart in detail, understanding your personality, traits, and how you interact with others. When you study your chart closely, you can identify what you crave in relationships and why, which will give you more clarity when choosing your next partner.

[16:48] The big dating ‘no no’

When you decide to start dating, it can be easy to fall into the habit of looking for a partner that has traits we feel are “missing” from ourselves. It can make you feel like a perfect match, two pieces coming together to make a whole – but that’s a big no-no. Any feeling of ‘wholeness’ will be temporary, because another person can’t fulfill you in that way. You have to be ready to  show up as a whole, confident, and healthy partner before you can truly attract the right partner for you. While astrology isn’t the answer to everything, it is an important part of understanding ourselves, what we desire, and why we operate the way that we do. When we start with ourselves in any capacity, we give ourselves the confidence and power to be able to navigate relationships with more clarity, which will ultimately lead to more successful, fulfilling relationships. 

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Astrology and Your Love Life

September 5, 2022