First impressions are much more important than we realize, making it even more important to look our best when we are out and about in the world! 

This week I give you numerous tips to put your sexiest foot forward every day to meet the woman of your dreams! From authentic communication to wearing the colors that give you confidence it’s much more about how we look than what we actually say. Tune in this week to learn more! 

In this week’s episode we discuss: 

[1:20] First Impressions online 

[2:52] Why dating is like applying for a job 

[7:53] The importance of making time for your physical health

[9:05] Prioritizing your mental health

[12:13] More on first impressions

[15:09] Be authentic with your communication

First Impressions online 

We are sending messages all the time by the colors we wear, our body language and our words. Even on dating profiles we need to be aware of what we are showing the world. Please take down “the most wanted” photographs, we don’t want to see those mugshots, guys! 

Women want to see you smiling, happy and engaged. If your photos are good we go to your bio so make sure you are creating this as if you’re meeting your queen. 

Why dating is like applying for a job 

Do you look fresh? What do your clothes say about you? Remember that when people meet you, it’s 7% of what we say, 38% of how we say it and 55% is the way we look. It’s very important to have what we think of ourselves align with others perceptions of us. 

Being aware of what the color we are wearing says about us and how loud our outfit is. Do you take care of yourself? Are you a gentleman? 

It’s very important to be who you are but you have to be realistic. If you don’t take care of yourself, show up messy or you’re rude you won’t be getting as many dates. If you want a high value woman you need to dress the part. You’re attracting someone of the same caliber when you don’t show up at your best. 

We want to date people who can take care of us and themselves or maybe a dog or a child. People show they can do that by their first impressions and the way they take care of themselves. 

The importance of making time for your physical health

Find something that you love or something that you want to try and enjoy it! You can join a country club where you can play golf, tennis or swim. Do something that you really enjoy and maybe that you could do with a significant other. 

The most important reason to do this is to improve your brain health, manage your weight and make life much easier on yourself. 

Prioritizing your mental health

Exercise releases stress and we need that in the stressed world we live in. Mental health and mindfulness are really important and you might need to work on your past traumas. It’s healthy to learn new coping skills and to find a therapist or counselor that works for you. 

Everyone needs help in life and it’s completely okay to ask for it. It takes bravery and says a lot about you when you’re dealing with the things that don’t serve you anymore. Meditation is an incredible tool and there are many different ways to do that as well as enjoying time in nature. I think journaling is a great tool to expand your awareness of gratitude by writing down things you’re grateful for. 

More on first impressions

I have noticed that people are more on their phone since COVID and that people don’t make eye contact, so make sure to do that and to not keep your hands in your pockets. 

Again, please wear clean clothes guys! Don’t re-wear the things you’ve worn to death and take things to the dry cleaner that need it. Make sure your things don’t have holes, snags or stains. 

Also, tend to your feet ! At some point they will be seen so make sure they are clean and kept. I want your clothes to fit correctly and that they don’t make you look five pounds heavier. Your clothes shouldn’t be so loud that it takes away from the conversation or someone meeting you and getting to know you. 

Be authentic with your communication

Maybe this is the first and only time you will meet this beautiful woman, so get creative! Be authentic and be comfortable in your own skin! 

You are unique and it’s okay to have different wants and desires. Keep in line with those things so that you can meet a queen!


Acing Your First Impressions

March 13, 2023