When it comes to hair removal we are given a lot of options but all of them seem to be painful, expensive and harmful to our skin and the environment. In this week’s episode, I talk to Salome Sallehy, founder of Sugar Sugar Wax, an incredible product born out of her own necessity and passion to stop the pollution in the beauty industry. 

Salome’s sugar wax is accessible, easy to use and has been getting traction with men as well. If you’re like me and you’re sick and tired of painful expensive treatments, this week’s episode will be a sigh of relief! 

In this week’s episode, we discuss:

[1:!5] About Salome Sallehy

[2:53] How Salome got into the beauty industry

[9:57] Salome’s sugar product 

[16:08] Are men using this product? 

[20:46] Can self-care and self grooming coexist? 

[26:13] Using sugar wax as an intimacy practice with a partner 

[31:07] How to sugar a small area like your brows

[34:33] Salome’s favorite date 

About Salome Sallehy

Salome is a change maker in the beauty industry by founding Sugar Sugar Wax, a sustainable hair removal and body care company. Her company is focused on raising health and sustainability standards in the beauty industry. Not only are her products functional but every business decision is made with the environment in mind. 

After launching Sugar Sugar Wax, she started the Natural Beauty Summit, a non-profit for experts in health and wellness. 

How Salome got into the beauty industry

Salome needed something that no one else was making, being Middle Eastern she had specific needs and she also had sensitive skin. Shaving and waxing weren’t options for her but she needed a solution. She also saw how horribly polluted the beauty industry was and inconsiderate it was to the environment and humans. 

There are so many problems with burns and skin damage with waxing. Also, threading can be very painful and getting laser treatment is very intense to the body, as well as expensive. 

Salome’s sugar product 

It is a sugar based waxy substance that is mostly sugar and citric acid. When those two molecules come together they bind to dead skin only. You can use the same piece over and over again and when you’re done you can throw it in the compost. 

The wax is created so that anyone can use it. Somepeople start their hair removal journey very early in life and razors and hot wax aren’t safe and you can’t hurt yourself with this product. 

Salome wanted to create a product that anyone could master in a couple tries. It starts off really hard like tree sap but once it’s applied to the skin it softens right away. There was an intentional creation to make this different then professional grade. 

Are men using this product? 

Sugar Sugar Wax won the Best Body Hair Remover award and 20% of their customer base is men. She actually had the husband of a famous tv personality try it and loves it even now. 

The hush hush quality to hair removal is changing because we can do it to each other instead of doing it behind closed doors. 

Can self-care and self grooming coexist? 

Self-care is on a large spectrum and it’s really how we take care of ourselves. Sugaring can be the thing that you can turn into an intentional slow process where you’re taking care of yourself.  

For men, this can be another way for them to take care of themselves and set the mood for their day. Everything we do can be an act of self care if we do it mindfully and with love. You are worthy of that time and self care. 

Using sugar wax as an intimacy practice with a partner 

What is more primal than grooming each other? It’s very intimate and a beautiful act of love. The sugar is clean and you can actually eat it. It’s very sweet on the skin after so it’s not a gross thing at all. 

Women have more bonding behavior between each other growing up then men so it’s a bit more normal. Introducing this to your partner can be great for them and your relationship. 

How to sugar a small area like your brows

Always start with using a smaller amount. Usually after numerous sugar facials you get the idea and you can move to the brows. You will notice that the temperature of the room changes the consistency of the sugar so with a small area you want to keep the room colder. 

Salome trains estheticians and lots of barbers use it as well after shaving to get the last fuzz or do the ears and nose. 

Salome’s favorite date 

This was with a partner on their eighth date. They went on a short flight to Vegas. It became the ultimate date where they watched Cirque Du Soleil, had an amazing dinner and a spa day the next day. 

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A New Perspective on Hair Removal with Salome Sallehy

May 22, 2023