Alright men. Last week I gave you some tips on how NOT to get catfished. We don’t want anyone getting scammed or being tricked by fake accounts so if want to read more about that then CLICK HERE. We are going to continue with the same vibe and talk about red flags to watch out for. Here are 7 red flags you want to note when taking her on a date. 

Red Flag #1

She is very vague. There is a line between giving too much detail and not enough. If they are on either the too much or too little sides then this may become a red flag. Someone may be introverted and not be over-chatty which is fine but if they come across as being shady then that is what you will take note of. This could be someone who is trying to date you for the wrong reasons or someone who shouldn’t be in a relationship at this time in their life. 

Red Flag #2

This one is similar to the first red flag but still worth mentioning. At this point in your life, they should know better. What I mean by that is this person you are dating should be mature and ready to be committed. If they are unsure of what they want or seem like they can’t have a mature conversation then let them go. 

Red Flag #3

This is a perfect setup for the third red flag which is dating someone who is dramatic. Of course, some ladies have a dramatic flare but I am referencing when they have so many problems. Woe is me. All these things keep happening to me. Plus the focus will be on them at all times which isn’t a quality you want in a partnership. 

Experience and maturity will minimize drama. Keep that in mind.  

Red Flag #4

Hot and cold behaviour. If the communication is off or varies from one extreme to another then this might be something to keep an eye on. There are definitely times in relationships when you both struggle to communicate with one another- that is normal. But if this is how it is right from the start or all the time you see each other then you may not be compatible.   

Red Flag #5

If she is rude to servers or has a shot fuse for people in the service industry then walk away. It doesn’t take much to say please and thank you – there is just no excuse for someone to be rude.

Red Flag #6

If she ghosts you or just doesn’t answer you for long periods of time then she is probably not interested in you. Especially if she tries to connect again after not hearing from her for weeks or months. She may not have the best of intentions or isn’t looking for something stable. 

Red Flag #7

If she gets defensive, doesn’t accept responsibility or you feel like you are being gaslit then do not spend time trying to understand this. This may look like you constantly apologizing or you feeling like you are going crazy because details and stories keep changing. This type of person can never be wrong which makes you wrong…all the time. This isn’t fun and I would advise you to keep moving.   

Dating should be fun. You don’t want to date women whom you have nothing in common with or someone that it takes effort to be around. Find a woman who matches your energy and who seeks the same pleasures in life. If you find yourself dreading an evening out with someone then it might be best to cut your losses.


7 Red Flag Behaviours to Watch Out While Dating in Your 40s

October 17, 2023