I know I am talking about first dates a lot lately in my blog posts but there is a lot to this whole first date thing. You want to make sure to get off on the best possible foot from the very beginning. 

Some people would say that this makes you seem “fake” and you should be who you are. I would agree. You should be who you genuinely are but you don’t need to spill your guts about everything that has ever happened to you on a first date. Keep things light a simple.

That was a long-winded way of me saying… here is a list of what NOT to talk about on a first date.

  1. Do not talk about your exes- Talking about your ex is only going to plant the seed in her mind that you are not over that ex yet. Give your attention to who is sitting in front of you, no other woman should be entering your mind at this moment. 
  1. Do not go into depth about your children- I don’t mean you should hide the fact that you have children. Of course, this should be talked about but not in great detail. This is the time for you to focus on yourself and your needs as a man. There will be plenty of time later if you choose to keep seeing one another.
  1. No drama or baggage- There is nothing that will make a woman walk away faster than a man who likes to bring up or cause drama. She doesn’t have time for that and it is a surefire way for her to lose interest.      
  1. Don’t “test her”- playing games is not the way you want to start a relationship or a first date. Any woman over the age of 30 has no patience for a man who wants to test her to see if she is the one. This will show that you have trust issues.
  1. Politics & Religion- We all know NOT to talk about politics or religion by now right? This is a no-go in any first conversation especially if it’s the first date. 

Talk about what you’re both passionate about, your ambitions, favorite movies, and books. See if the person that you are getting to know will want similar things in the future. You want the conversation to flow and be easy for both of you. Try to keep it fun and be real.        

Bonus Dating Tip: If you can’t find any common interests this is probably a sign that it is not going to work out. Yes, opposites attract but you also have to have some common ground. 

That’s the end of the list guys. Now go put it to work and book those first dates. If you need a little help with your image, confidence or advice then reach out to me.


5 Topics to Avoid When You Are Trying to Make a Good Impression on a First Date

September 20, 2022