We all know that self-confidence is the key to success but do you know what it takes to exude that confidence? Whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO, C-suite executive, or aspire to advance in your career, this episode is for you! Join me as I give you 16 tips on how you can improve your confidence including embracing failure, staying informed on industry-specific topics, speaking with authority, and dressing for success.

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In this week’s episode we discuss:

[02:02] Dressing for success 

[04:09] Master the art of speaking concisely & clearly

[05:13] Prepare relentlessly 

[06:06] Control your body language 

[08:25] Positively visualize successful outcomes 

[09:40] Embrace failure as a stepping stone 

[10:27] Cultivate emotional intelligence 

[11:10] Stay informed to speak on industry-relevant topics

[11:49] Network strategically 

[13:02] Keep a confidence journal

[13:56] Practice mindfulness and stress management 

[15:09] Set small achievable goals

[15:24] Learn how to actively listen

[16:22] Speak with authority 

[16:49] Never stop learning – the more self-growth, the more confidence

[17:23] Surround yourself with people who are more successful people than you

Dressing for success 

Every successful entrepreneur, CEO, or badass boss dresses for success. This is how you command every room. It is so important that your attire is on point and that you are wearing the right colors for your personality, your hue, your depth, and intensity. This allows for your authentic personality to shine through. 

It is also important to wear the right style for your body and that your accessories make sense. Think about your audience and the message you are trying to portray. Are you sending that message before you even open your mouth to say anything? People judge on appearance before you even talk. Whether you are speaking on stage, networking, or trying to land a million-dollar deal, you must dress for success. If you want to move up the ladder, this is the number one way to do so. If you do not know your colors, style, or what accessories to use, that is where I can help – learn more about my services here

Master the art of speaking concisely & clearly

When you can master the art of speaking clearly and concisely while conveying your message exactly how it is in your head – this shows confidence. It is truly an art and something that needs to be practiced over and over again. Clarity in communication can command respect and attention. The more confident you are in the message, the more this will shine through and there will not be wavering in your response. Get clear on your audience and message! 

Prepare relentlessly 

Another thing that successful CEOs and entrepreneurs do is prepare relentlessly. If you have ever seen someone who was not prepared, you can feel that energy. Anyone that has a big meeting or event has prepped over and over again. So behind every confident decision and presentation is an extensive preparation of practice. Prepping will help you to exude confidence. 

Control your body language 

Some of us do not have proper posture and when you are slouching or bent over, this does not exude confidence. When your shoulders are back and you are sitting up or standing up straight, that shows that nothing is going to get in the way of your presentation or the things that you are expressing. Your posture is everything.

Eye contact is also very important. Make sure that when someone is speaking to you, you are giving them eye contact. Do not look away or get fidgety because even if it is just for a few seconds you are sending a message that this person is not important. Do not look at your phone or watch, this is disrespectful. 

Your handshake is also very important. I recently met a successful business owner and she did not have a firm handshake. Something as simple as a handshake can show your confidence. Lastly, remember not to put your hands in your pockets because people will not trust you. If you are trying to send a message or talk to someone successful, take your hands out. 

Positively visualize successful outcomes 

Another great success tip is to positively visualize the things that you want to come to fruition. Visualize the outcomes before you go into meetings or presentations because this boosts confidence. Close your eyes and think about the things that make you excited, happy, and sit in the success that is already happening. This will give you a boost of confidence before your meeting.

Embrace failure as a stepping stone 

Failure to me is not a failure but a lesson learned. You have to embrace failure because as a C-suite executive or business owner, you are going to have ebbs and flows in your career. In your failures, you will learn to pivot and will learn that it does not affect your confidence because it is just changing the direction you need to go. Do not take it personally, use it as a stepping stone. 

Cultivate emotional intelligence 

​​I have talked about emotional intelligence in other episodes but managing and understanding your emotions can only enhance your leadership presence and confidence. Emotional intelligence is maturity and is important in any relationship that you have. When you learn to control your emotions and understand the other emotions around you, this can set you up as a great leader.

Stay informed to speak on industry-relevant topics

You need to be up to date on industry trends so that you can speak confidently on relevant topics. Stay up to date on pop culture or tech culture. You do not want to meet someone that you want to impress and they ask you a question and you do not know the answer to it.

Network strategically 

I am in an amazing mastermind and the last couple of meetings we learned ways to network strategically. When you build a strong network it can boost your confidence. Being surrounded by like-minded people is great because they can give you advice and it can help you combat the loneliness that may come with being an entrepreneur. 

Keep a confidence journal

Keeping a confidence journal can bring you back to success and positive feedback. If you go through a moment of self-doubt, know that you can come back to this confidence journal. You can look over your wins and get back on track. When we are having these moments of doubt and uncertainty, it is important to go back to things that bring you confidence and peace in your life. This journal will help you remember what a badass you are so even if they are small wins – keep track of them!

Practice mindfulness and stress management 

I am a big advocate for practicing mindfulness and stress management. Mindfulness is about maintaining your physical, mental, and emotional health. It can enhance your self-assurance and help with stress. We all go through stress and the more tools that you have in your tool belt, the easier it will be to achieve your big goals. 

Learn how to practice mindfulness whether it is three minutes a day, taking a moment to breathe, or walking on the lunch break, forget the electronics, and be in a space where there are no distractions. It may take some time to implement but it truly helps.  

Set small achievable goals

When you set small achievable goals, you will build confidence when you accomplish them. Confidence comes over time and every little or big win is a confidence builder. Set three for each day and see how much your confidence improves. 

Learn how to listen actively

When you are a good listener and you shut your mouth 80% of the time, you will not only exude authority and trust, you will probably get more information out of the person who is speaking. Being a good listener is powerful because when people know you are truly listening to them, they will trust you. This will lead you to be a more confident person.

Speak with authority 

When you speak with authority and use a firm yet calm tone, you exhibit confidence without coming off as arrogant. Give small tips as you talk about things you are confident in.

Never stop learning – the more self-growth, the more confidence

Never stop learning and growing. The more self-growth, the more confidence and success you will have. Continually seek new knowledge and skills which will ensure confidence in your expertise. Delve into the topics that bring excitement to you because this will only add to your confidence.

Surround yourself with people who are more successful people than you

Make sure to surround yourself with people who are more successful than you. The people that are in your inner circle will often determine whether you are successful or not The people I choose to surround myself with are only bringing value and making me better. I do not have time for people who bring me down, and you shouldn’t either!


16 Ways to Improve Your Confidence

May 23, 2024