Dr. Deepa Macha, owner & master injector of CosMedic LaserMD joins us today for a powerful conversation around redefining midlife dating & entrepreneurship. In this episode, Deepa shares with us how taking care of our “outer self” can boost our internal confidence, how divorce impacted her healing journey, and what it means to have a man be the “provider.” If you are dating in midlife, this episode will show you just how beautiful it can be.

Remember that how you feel on the outside can have a direct impact on your dating, personal, and business life – so if you’re ready to embrace transformation, tune in!

In this week’s episode, we discuss:

[01:23] About Dr. Deepa Macha

[02:20] What inspired Deepa to get into aesthetic medicine 

[08:16] Do men care about skincare?

[10:24] Taking a holistic approach to aesthetics & looking your best 

[11:25] The importance of taking care of yourself

[13:59] Pivoting from traditional medicine to aesthetic medicine

[16:32] How divorce impacted Deepa

[22:55] Focusing on your future & the beauty of midlife dating

[27:21] “Men need to provide a safe space for women to be in their feminine”

[36:38] A new innovative treatment for skin, hair, and chronic pain

About Dr. Deepa Macha

Deepa Macha, MD, stands as a prominent figure in aesthetic medicine, heading CosMedic LaserMD as Owner and Master Injector. Her clinic shines in regenerative aesthetics, where she excels in advanced treatments like botulinum toxin, liquid facelifts, PDO thread lifting, and innovative laser therapies, helping clients achieve youthful vigor.

Educationally, Dr. Macha’s background is rich and diverse, with qualifications from SUNY Health Science Center, Beth Israel Medical Center, and other renowned institutions. Her three-decade career is a testament to her commitment to fighting chronic diseases like obesity, marking her as a pivotal figure in both aesthetic and general healthcare.

Dr. Macha’s influence extends to social media and beyond, with her Kindling Project podcast and features in Mirabella Magazine and JAMA. Recognized on platforms like ABC News and through public speaking engagements, she merges her medical expertise with a passion for mentorship and entrepreneurship, impacting a wide audience.

What inspired Deepa to get into aesthetic medicine 

Deepa has always had a passion for beauty. She loves beautiful clear skin because she feels like it is the vision to your soul. She was first introduced to skincare in her 20s where she started playing around with tretinoin and glycolic acid. She was constantly having reactions and thought that maybe she was allergic to it. She now believes that everything starts with skin and that it is a reflection of how other people view you and how you view yourself. It is also so important for self-esteem.

When Deepa first meets her patients, she talks with them and sees what is impacting their confidence. She focuses on establishing trust because she knows how intimate and personal sharing your pain points can be. She also shares her recommendation of going to an injector that has the aesthetic you want. If you go to someone who is overfilled and you want natural results, it is unlikely that you will match each other. 

Do men care about skincare?

Celeste shares that many people say only women get fillers and Botox but men do this as well. Everyone wants to look youthful and confidently present themselves. Men care a lot about skin, especially young men who deal with acne. Many types of fillers are great for skin rejuvenation, they are not only for volume. She shares that everyone has something that they feel is preventing them from showing up the best they can in their lives. 

Taking a holistic approach to aesthetics & looking your best 

Celeste shares that grooming and taking care of yourself has a big impact on your confidence. This can help you show up in the world how you want. She loves how Deepa takes a holistic approach because many MDs just want to push fillers or products and they do not look at the whole picture. 

Deepa always looks at the skin first and then looks at Botox and fillers which can either help boost your collagen or just add volume. There are also energy devices like lasers, radiofrequency lasers, and microneeding, which can allow you to look good and feel good.  

The importance of taking care of yourself

Deepa will never apologize for wanting to look good. She wants to look her best and present herself in the best way possible. She wants to be a role model for her children, not a martyr. She works hard and wants something to show for it. There is nothing wrong with working hard to have a body and skin you are proud of. Celeste shares that if you are a high-value woman who wants to meet a high-value man, then you want to make sure to care about yourself. If your children see that you are taking care of yourself, you will lead by example. Celeste and Deepa were both raised by strong mothers who told them that taking care of themselves was the most important thing. 

Pivoting from traditional medicine to aesthetic medicine

Deepa was a practicing emergency medicine physician for 25 years and although she loved it, she felt like she needed to do something different. She always loved aesthetic medicine and loves doing procedures and connecting with people. She decided to take the leap and do something different at 50 and she loves it. 

How divorce impacted Deepa

When Deepa’s 25-year marriage ended, it was abrupt and difficult for her and her children. Seven years later she is closer to healing than she has ever been. Her son’s graduation was recently and she wanted to give him the gift of having his father present in their family. This took a lot of healing and for the first time, she felt ready to face this. She also shares that divorce is a trauma for everyone involved. Her children lost the family unit and it was important for her to give that gift to her son. 

It is important to protect your energy and peace when you are going into these difficult moments. Have people that you can lean on in those moments. She reminds us that in our hearts, we are all children. We all feel vulnerable and unloved because of XYZ. It does not matter how amazing you are, the child inside of us needs attention and love.

Focusing on your future & the beauty of midlife dating

When Deepa first got divorced, she was focused a lot on dating. She was trying hard to fill a void but when you are coming from a place of deficiency and pain, you are only going to attract that similar person. She has worked really hard in the last few months to not look back and focus on a future of success, happiness, and thriving. She sees herself with a beautiful abundant future and she believes if she has this energy then everything will fall into place. 

Celeste shares that dating in midlife can be so amazing. You can now focus on what you want without outside pressures getting in the way. People forget that it is 1000% their choice of who they get to be with. You get to figure out where you are at, and what you want, and everything is all about you. When we are younger we are thinking about someone to raise children with or who our parents think we should be with. At midlife, you know what you want and will attract that person in. Celeste also shares to be open to all possibilities but be firm on your boundaries, values, and beliefs. 

“Men need to provide a safe space for women to be in their feminine”

Deepa is attracted to strong individual men. She does not need someone else’s money and does not want someone to take care of her in that sense. Celeste reminds her that any man who is intimidated by her is not for her. She also shares that men might be confused about what to provide but a woman often needs a man to provide a safe space so that she can be in her feminine. Being a provider does not just mean in finances. 

When Deepa was 20 years old, she went on a date with someone she liked a lot. At the end of the date, he dropped her off and did not wait to see if she got in the house safely. She could not go out with him again because someone caring about her safety was so important to her. Celeste reminds us that a true man allows his woman to be who she is and is not threatened by her. He can protect her physically, emotionally, and spiritually so she can be her true self. 

A new innovative treatment for skin, hair, and chronic pain

Deepa recently went to China to see the possibilities of reshaping a future for people. There are a couple of exciting new products. One has the potential for rejuvenation of acne and may even be cancer-curing. She is so excited about this innovative treatment because she knows that we heal from the inside out. It can grow hair on your head, improve your skin quality, and can even help your chronic pain. She is excited to see where this goes next!

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Redefining Dating in Midlife with Dr. Deepa Macha

June 13, 2024